Pakistan need to introspect & Pakistani like Bilawal Bhutto need mental rehabilitation.

For decades we have been tolerating a psychotic neighbour, its misadventures & we often wonder if there is any end to it. Recently Bilawal Bhutto, while campaigning for his party, made a statement that Kashmir belongs to Pakistan & they will take it at any cost. Mr. Bhutto is a kid & his statement though made a lot of news doesn’t hold water but this kid has understood one lesson perfectly well, that if you want to gather votes in Pakistan than stir up the issue of Kashmir. So this takes us down to the level of the common man who votes these people to power.

bilawal bhutto Pakistani Establishment Needs Mental Rehabilitation!

People of this ill-fated country are being brainwashed by their Army & Politicians alike, they are either unaware or choose to ignore the ground realities shaping the dynamics of our part of the world. India is a stable country with huge potential & is being perceived stronger than ever before by the whole world after the election results whereas Pakistan is plagued with its own internal problems & is not in a position to afford another war. 

Pakistani Army can never forget the humiliation of 1971 war which was won in 13 days with the whole of its Army in east Pakistan surrendering to Indian Army, the biggest ever surrender in modern warfare in such a short span of time, now our success in that war is a different story altogether but Pakistan’s defeat was something which they invited upon themselves by first trying to subjugate the Bengali speaking Muslim & Hindu population of Bangladesh erstwhile East Pakistan & then committing rapes & genocide of millions especially the intellectuals of Bangladesh who spoke up against the administration.

It so happened that Pakistan could not handle its domestic issues in 1971 & we being a responsible neighbor had to feed the millions of refugees swelling up near our eastern borders thereby crippling our own economy which was already in a bad shape, so our then Army Chief Field Marshal Manekshaw devised a brilliant strategy to put an end to all this in a quick & cost-effective manner. An insecure dog is always the first to bark, so Pakistan was the first to attack in 1971 but still lost it which followed in 1999 also. 

pakistani army Pakistani Establishment Needs Mental Rehabilitation!

It took them 3 wars to realize that they can never win in a full-scale war against India, so they started using guerilla tactics by sending in militants, brainwashing their own civilians into suicide missions in India, tried to brainwash Indians by playing the religion card but soon the last strategy stopped working & they had to rely on the first two which now made the job more difficult as it needed their people to cross the border which turned into their graveyard, so they resorted to ceasefire violations & thus the story goes on & on & doesn’t seem to end. 

As the saying goes, everything in this world is Transitory & anything that comes into being has to wither away someday, the same holds true for countries as well, some last long & some perish quickly like our neighbor will one day, if it doesn’t change itself in time. Looking at the present circumstances it seems that Pakistan wants India to be held responsible for its doomsday & our armed forces are more than ready for it but thats not an easy decision to take. Another alternative would be using the same tactics of guerilla warfare as Pakistan does, which our highly respected & talented security advisor Ajit Doval (his resume can be another reason for Pakistan’s insecurity) must have given a thought. And the last alternative on a serious note would be a changed Pakistan which is only possible from within, that is through its people. 

The Pakistani Army is a sore loser & will always try to destablise India instead of stabilising its own country & their politicians will be too busy in appeasing the Army for their own security & the people for vote bank, so if at all Pakistan has to change, it can only be brought about by its people, the common man in Pakistan has to think about his country’s future & that of his own. They will have to understand that their sufferings like a separated Bangladesh or their internal conflicts are the results of their own deeds & Kashmir is not the solution to their problems.

People of Pakistan need to introspect & the likes of Bilawal Bhutto need mental rehabilitation. 

By: Debashish Maity

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