Latest ban on Ghulam Ali concert doesn’t sound discreet as far as terrorism is concerned. Because he is a Pakistani singer, he doesn’t deserve this.

Communal conflicts unfortunately arise in India frequently and Indian politicians bolster it better. It was entire last week when Dadri lynching made to the top headline, every day, in every publishing house. And today, Shiv Sena in Mumbai promulgated of banning Ghulam Ali concert, which would have otherwise transpired. And may I know why did Devendra Fadnavis choose to keep mum? Shall we consider a party’s command superior above CM’s? Well, under my standpoint, Fadnavi’s silence is either his contentment or ineffectiveness.

GHULAM ALI Just Because He Is A Pakistani Singer

What made Thackeray adjoin Ghulam’s music and Pakistan-sponsored terrorism? Just because he holds the prefix ‘Pakistani’ prior to singer makes him a shunned figure in India’s entertainment capital Mumbai. Does this bespeak of India’s proximity to those days, when talent would be appreciated on the basis of an individual’s religion? Shiv Sena has to realize that Ghulam Ali’s melodious soul has nothing to do with Ajmal Kasab’s heinous soul. Neither Ghulam Ali Concert ban will not induce Pakistan’s ban on Lakshar-e Taiba.

akhlaq killed Just Because He Is A Pakistani Singer

Terrorism Just Because He Is A Pakistani Singer

If in a country, the political honchos themselves instil the thought of religious-hatred in the minds of people, don’t you envisage the many-more-coming Akhlaq’s deaths as the headlines? Anyways I strongly foresee so. And it’s really very disheartening to see no voice voicing against this ban. I certainly expect a slew of fans who, might have been ardently waiting to be near to Ghulam’s voice but a sudden ban by Shiv Sena was a thunder-strike on their expectations.

religion Just Because He Is A Pakistani Singer

Communal battles will not take a halt until the figures like Thackeray does not stop preaching religious detestation.

By Prerna Daga

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