Pakistani army has given India a return gift in the form of the Pathankot attack

Wish you all a very Happy New Year. Sorry am late, but our neighbors are punctual – they came by time gave their best wishes with lots of usual gifts and unforgettable memories which will definitely last for long time if not forever. Thanks dear neighbour you made it and made it again as per your inherent habit. Best thing in it is the timing you choose, hats off for that. It seems turning the same mile stones pages which you made after Simla, Lahore, Agra.

By breaking all the ice berg of this killing winter you gave unexpected warm to the entire nation soon after the midnight when we were sleeping with the dreamy eyes of New Year celebrations. All your crackers made us realize  that you are there with all your inherent thoughts having no change still after seven decades. Thanks for making the new year celebration so warm you really are real neighbor.

Its all about “Pathankot” no need to explain it any more. Its only a return gift for tight hug, warm hand shake and cup of tea which our PM shared with his neighbor counterpart. All the time we made due request to you to prove  yourself as a worthy neighbor as we never believe in cowardly play – thrice you invited us for one to one plays and we prove it with a soft message not again dear but it is you who is firm not to learn any thing. Though let it go – better luck next time.

pathankot attack Pakistans Return Gift

With an unanimous sound we made it secure that talk and terror never go together we believe mutual conflict needs conversation not cannon. Our government is under immense pressure to stop the conversation till the time perpetrator were not penalized by the counterpart, as per the national ethics there is nothing wrong in it. we need to drop the talk as it happen earlier also for breach of trust from other side. But don’t know why I feel this time it must goes on with more sharp words and more warmness.

Following are the reasons i feel for it:

  • Firstly, the government of the day came to the office with wordings that it will mitigate all the conflict with Pakistan by hook and cook and will have zero tolerance policy towards across the border terrorism. In order to have it we need to talk. War is definitely not the solution, we have seen it thrice it only broaden the gap. moving ahead with conversation doesn’t mean  undermining the cannon power, its a diplomatic move which is a need of hour not between these two rivals but for the entire world and humanity.


  • Secondly, it is well known fact that Pakistan despite being a democratic nation having no respect for democratic values, the civil government has almost no saying on Indo-Pak relations. Pakistani army and ISI has arrested it’s own civil government on this front. so it would be better to call the conversation bell again and again , in order to force the civil government to take some strict decisions against terror group and it will also help in drawing the attention of rest of the world especially the western countries towards disguise face of Pakistan as they are newly born victims of terror attacks. now the better understand the game.


  • Thirdly , thinking that Pakistan will stop all these terror activities from it’s land then we will have a talk is nothing more then an open eye dream. though there is no but despite the little bit of will of Pakistani civil government they are not capable of tackling the situation accordingly they themselves are helpless before army and ISI. so the civil government of Pakistan needs to have back support of democratic nations and at this front it needs India’s support more then that of America and Britain.


  • Fourth, as the internal politics of both the nation is concerned there are certain obligation before both the government to keep each others at daggers drawn. though in this concern Pakistan is much more rigid then India. Separatist powers in Pakistan run parallel governments there which undermine the civil government. As the god father of Pakistan which supports it with coin and cannon started parting itself from Pakistan made Pakistan to rebuild it’s policy.


  • Last but not the list India too is capable of retaliating Pathankot but unfortunately we don’t. We  believe in 1965,1971 & 1999 which actually we don’t want but forced to do so. Face to face has it’s own joy.

So in my view conversation must goes on, this is the probably first time that Pakistani PM has shown such cooperative attitude (may be for the sake of media only). There is need to talk in order to resolve the terror the very day we find that there is no hope for dialogue. We made the journey to Peshawar from Pathankot in a day light not in midnight

Diwakar Jha

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