Panchayati Wife Swapping –  An aggrieved husband was ordered to stay with the abandoned wife of the man who eloped with his wife.

Tit for Tat‘ is a common solution for many things. But it seems the Village Panchayat has taken the idiom way too seriously. In what may sound like a shocking and/or bizarre story, Panchayats of different villages from different states in India have been giving the solution of ‘wife for a wife‘ by following the age old adage ‘an eye for an eye‘.

Recently in Western UP (a real life story), when a man whose wife eloped with his neighbor, asked the Panchayat for help, the panchayat came with an out of the box solution. The aggrieved husband was ordered to stay with the abandoned wife of the man who eloped with his wife.

hapur panchayat wife swapping punishment Panchayat Orders Wife Swapping : He Took Yours, You Take His!

This is not the first time when the Panchayat came up with such an absurd judgment. Earlier in 2012, similar judgement was passed in Vadodra district of Gujarat when a man came to the Panchayat with similar complains. While these two cases were reported – there are several cases of wife swapping around India which go unnoticed. Some wives do it willingly, but in majority of the cases like cited above, women are forced to.

Wife Swapping ……What Are You Saying? 

Till some years ago, the term ‘wife swapping’ was totally alien to the Land of Kamasutra until people of all classes started accepting the trend with open arms. When Bollywood showcased the concept in 2001 through Akshay Kumar starrer Ajnabee many eyebrows were raised. A decade later, it is no more a taboo but openly experienced.

ajnabee wife swapping Panchayat Orders Wife Swapping : He Took Yours, You Take His!

Wife Swapping Parties, Websites and Clubs

All couples interested in wife swapping attend such parties. After the party gets over,  husbands present put their car keys in a bowl. Once, it is done, the husbands then one by one come and pick up the car key from the bowl. The husband whose car key is picked up has to give both his car and wife to the husband who picked up his car key from the bowl.

In addition, there are several websites in India where ‘couple seeks couple‘. Also, there are ‘swinger’ clubs where couples come to enjoy ‘a higher’ lifestyle.

Wife Swapping Complaints 

In early 2013, a Naval officer’s wife lodged a complaint against her husband and few other officers for wife swapping. She had mentioned that it is prevalent among Naval officers. While many get accustomed to this practice forcefully, she preferred complaining over tolerating. It is really unfortunate that for a few black sheep the image of entire community of Naval officers is tarnished.

wife swapping indian navy Panchayat Orders Wife Swapping : He Took Yours, You Take His!

Similarly, if you browse internet you will find many anonymously written confessions of these wives who claim that they got into the act only because they wanted to save their marriage and secure their children’s future.

For instance, in one particular confession the lady started doing it only because her husband wanted promotion. He had given her two choices – swapping or divorce. The lady who had a small kid preferred the former. Now, she is one amongst the many who indulge in such activities once in a month.

Is Wife Swapping Practiced in India On a Broader Scale? 

Wife swapping is not just practiced among the elites and high class but now occupies a place beyond the officer cadre as well. In small cities, it seems the concept has become a craze where initially they try out of curiosity and later for the sake of fun. Also, since both the partners are involved the couples do not suffer any qualms or guilt.In many of the cases the wives are equally enthusiastic and are ready to explore all the aspects of a relationship including wife swapping!

Looks like the Panchayat this time is really getting inspired from the people living in the towns and cities – As a reader what do you think about this entire “Mixed Doubles” concept???

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