For parents it is always adventurous to understand their loving kid, so should it be for children caring for their aging parents. Love your parents.

How beautiful it is to imagine a couple blessed with a baby. Both the parents are happier than they can ever be. Both are terrified because before this they had nothing so precious that they could fear losing. Exhilarated, as a new adventure gets started. The father holding the tiny being with chunky cheeks, thin bony legs and loose skin in his arms with tears welled up in his eyes. And so adorably the mother holds and cuddles her baby, grabs him in a warm embrace, showering love. Ryan Crew phrased it well, ‘For parents, it is a moment with torment of emotions.’

Parents kissing sleeping newborn baby over white background Family love concept Stock  A Blessed Gift We Take For Granted

They now understand the responsibility to raise a kid and they know they cannot choke it. They put in a lot of efforts to provide a stable foundation to their kid. With many sleepless nights, temper tantrums, they become exhausted. But a smile put forth by their child will vanish away all their tiredness. They shower love, hugs, kisses during those uneasy days too. They do beyond what’s in their reach to shoulder responsibilities and to be proud parents to their child. What ever situations may challenge their lives, never will they show that they took their child- The blessed gift for granted.

Our parents raise “us” with emotions. We are their pride. From 1st year talk, 2nd year walk to being an independent youth today, we owe every inch to them. With character as first priority they taught us to be determined, patient, responsible, loving, empathetic and truthful. They spent their whole lives after us not taking us as a gift for granted, not knowing that we, their own children will one day consider them to be an ‘Epic Nightmare’.

LearnToWalk3 A Blessed Gift We Take For Granted

Grown Up now we bound to feel frustrated here and then. We forget the struggle they had been through for our betterment. Or should we just bite the bullet and know that it’s just something that has to be done? And now when the coin is flipped and It’s your turn to shoulder responsibility, how  do you make them feel that they are burden to you? Or do you want them to feel eternally grateful to you? Or Dear Friend do you now feel blessed and shouldn’t you be grateful to them?

Friends, you are lucky if you are blessed with your parents to guide you and be at your side. Remember, not all have the same privilege. Don’t take your parents for granted because that’s definitely not what they taught you. Respect them. Shower them with love and care as they did to you ever since you couldn’t even utter a word. Be a child they would feel proud of. Consider it as your responsibility rather than duty. Nevertheless the love you give to them through out your life is very little compared to their sacrifices.

care for parents A Blessed Gift We Take For Granted

For parents it is always adventurous to understand their loving kid so should it be for children caring for their aging parents. Love and respect your parents to Infinity and Beyond!

By Syeda Siddiqua Noor

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