Jodha Akbar : The evil soul Laboni is making Jodha do all sort of bad things. While, we feel pity for Jodha, we are loving Paridhi Sharma & her acting as Laboni

Paridhi Sharma aka Jodha of Zee TV’s Jodha Akbar undoubtedly is a fab performer. The TV actress is not only phenomenal when it comes to playing a loving and caring wife, but also spectacular when she has to play a bad character. Yes, I’m talking about Jodha’s outstanding performance as Laboni where she turned into an evil woman the moment Laboni’s soul entered her body.

paridhi sharma laboni Jodha Akbar : 5 Reasons Why Paridhi Sharma Rocked as Laboni

While, we never even in our wildest dreams imagined how an evil Jodha would appear onscreen, thanks to Laboni we could actually witness it all by ourselves – realizing once again what a class actor Paridhi Sharma actually is!

Her Expressions Made Us Crave For More

The moment Laboni entered Jodha’s body, a gentle Jodha would transform into a wicked person. What’s more, the instant change in her expressions not only surprised us but made us appreciate her even more. Her facial expression, body language and the way she carried herself, astonished us greatly. Though we hated Laboni, we couldn’t stop loving Paridhi Sharma for her portrayal as the evil Laboni.

jodha laboni Jodha Akbar : 5 Reasons Why Paridhi Sharma Rocked as Laboni

She did what we always wanted – Oh yes, she slapped Ruqaiya Begum

While, a normal Jodha Begum never behaved rudely with Ruqaiya Begum even in the worst scenario, this Jodha trapped by Laboni’s soul slapped her twice (Still cannot forget that awesome scene!). We were waiting for this moment from long, weren’t we? In addition, the way she insulted the selfish and self-centred Ruqaiya, by calling her names was worth a watch.

jodha akbar Jodha Akbar : 5 Reasons Why Paridhi Sharma Rocked as Laboni

For a change it was pretty entertaining to watch this notorious Begum getting scared who throughout her life (rather episodes) have troubled the innocent Jodha. For the very first time, we could see the fright of terror in the haughty Ruqaiya Begum.

Her Rough Language Did Tickle Us

We have always seen a nice and gentle Jodha who cannot do anything wrong to anybody. A selfless person, her life revolves in doing ‘only’ good for others. Unexpectedly, her rough language and dialogues as Laboni instead of annoying us entertained us.

jodha akbar laboni1 Jodha Akbar : 5 Reasons Why Paridhi Sharma Rocked as Laboni

For a change, it was pretty amazing to see Paridhi Sharma in a bold and brave avatar, rather than her usual shy and introverted behavior. Change is necessary, and this change did delight us to see a different Jodha. However, we hope that Jodha becomes normal as soon as possible in the show. Eager to see how will Jodha react when she’ll hear what all she did as Laboni!

Her Dialogue Delivery was Spot on!

Remember how she shouted at Moti bai calling her daasi and telling her to mind her own business? While, we felt bad for the poor Moti, we did enjoy watching Paridhi’s acting and the shrewdness with which she kept on shouting at her. Besides, how can we forget the style in which she ordered paan and hookah from Hoshiyar Khan.

jodha laboni1 Jodha Akbar : 5 Reasons Why Paridhi Sharma Rocked as Laboni

She Carried that Angry and Wicked Look Perfectly

With Laboni entering Jodha’s body even her appearance and dressing style would change. The way she played with her hair and laughed dreadfully, she did give us goose bumps. In addition, something which really amazed us was how she shifted her acting in a second from being evil to being good. All in all, she did a brilliant job, and we just cannot stop boasting about how a brilliant actor Paridhi Sharma is!

ruqaiya laboni Jodha Akbar : 5 Reasons Why Paridhi Sharma Rocked as Laboni

How about you? What do you think?

Image Source: Zee TV

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