Paridhi Sharma aka Jodha wants to quit Jodha Akbar. It seems that she has already put down her papers. Read on to know the reason

A month ago, Ekta Kapoor backed out of her historical drama Jodha Akbar as a producer due to the constant morchas against her by the Rajput community. And now, the news is that Jodha of Jodha Akbar that is Paridhi Sharma wants to back out from the project as well.

Shocking, isn’t it? The very first thought that comes to our mind is “Oh no, let this not happen” since Paridhi is all we can think of when the name Jodha flashes in our mind. Bringing another Jodha will only dishearten us, isn’t it?

Paridhi Sharma Jodha Akbar 199x300 Is Paridhi Sharma aka Jodha Quitting Jodha Akbar?

Television actress Paridhi Sharma during the press conference of television serial Jodha Akbar in Mumbai on October 1, 2013. (Photo: IANS)

But why on earth does Paridhi Sharma wants to quit when this show has given her name, fame, recognition and n number of fans? What is that reason which is compeling her to take such a drastic decision? Well it seems that she has been troubled by her reel life husband Rajat Tokas.

Oh yes, Rajat doesn’t share a great equation with her and the two never talk on the sets. Moreover, the director of the show seems to be Rajat’s great friend. The buzz is that the director keeps Paridhi waiting for long hours, sometimes as long as 2 hour. This has made Paridhi’s life hell on the sets and so she prefers quitting than handling the daily trouble.

If Paridhi chooses to go, let me tell you the chemistry of Jodha Akbar will go to. Both Rajat Tokas and Paridhi Sharma are pivotal, the exit of one will leave the show plain and dreary. In addition, I don’t think the fans will like the new Jodha even if she does a better job than Paridhi.

Replacing Asad of Qubool Hai was a huge blunder. No wonder, I still cannot accept the new Asad as Asad and I’m sure many would feel the same if Paridhi Sharma is replaced. So, it would be better if the director mend his ways and retain Paridhi rather than letting her go.

By: Deepti Verma

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