Where on one hand, Paris met such a deplorable holocaust, there on the other hand, the world around kept playing blame game.

Last week has been one of the worst not for the Muslims, Christians, Jews but for humanity. It started of with bombings in Baghdad killing 20+, in Beirut killing 40+ and then Paris killing 100+, culprit the ever growing brut force ISIS. Social networking sites have been very vocal for last few days with almost 99.5% percent of the people condemning the attacks unconditionally. This small write-up is about the remaining 0.5% who has put forward conditions.

ap paris shooting Paris Attack   A Blamegame!!

So called Pro – Islam:

Firstly I saw several posts mentioning that the Facebook implemented a “safety check” feature for the attacks in Paris, but not for a bomb blast in Beirut. What many forget is this feature was built in wake of the recent earthquake in Pakistan, where were these people then? Facebook also clarified “Until yesterday, our policy was only to activate safety check for natural disasters. We just changed this and now plan to activate safety check for more human disasters going forward as well”. Many people will now argue that why change a policy a day after Beirut bombings? My only question will be would it have been useful in Beirut? Policies only change when something useful that could have happened is prevented by them from happening.

Secondly, the most popular post going around was “If you stood for Palestine, Iraq etc. then I stand with France”. This is just ridiculous. I completely agree that the media attention for the human right violations going around in middle east is minimal but still would a person in the correct sense of it mind would put forward conditions before condemning such violent attacks?

Anti Islam

Thirdly, the pseudo nationalists like Chetan Bhagat who tweeted “Ok,wrong to label Islam as violent after stray terror attack. But why did you label my entire country intolerant after a few stray incidents?”. Does this mean that people who label Islam as violent has the right to label India as intolerant? I believe the intellectuals and personalities who have spoken against GROWING intolerance will also disagree that they ever mentioned India as a completely intolerant nation. India is a tolerant country and is automatically proved when out of the 5.9 million followers of Chetan, only 7.2k click on the favorite button for this tweet.

mark zuckerberg Paris Attack   A Blamegame!!

There surely are ways and means to protest against the bias but “my way is the correct way” is not always correct. I have not changed my display picture to the France tri-color protesting against the bias shown by Facebook wherein they surely could have implemented a Lebanon flag as a display pic but writing this article in support and remembrance of the dead, hoping it could bring back some senses and people can start valuing human lives instead of first taking opportunity to prove one’s own point.

paris Paris Attack   A Blamegame!!

By Shazin Siddiqui

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