“ Parth Samthaan and Vikas Gupta Were in a Relationship ” – Ekta Kapoor

New Year is not so good for the Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan star Parth Samthaan who is surrounded by a lot of controversies. From TV co-actors to his producers, everybody seems to be angry on him. While, negative news can ruin somebody’s career, Parth is still sailing high. Thanks to his fans, who worship and support him unconditionally.

Here we share 5 controversies about the actor that have hit him hard:

parth samathaan controversy 5 Controversies of Parth Samthaan You Need to Know!

The WhatsApp Group

On December 27, 2015 an entertainment portal leaked details and snapshots of a scandalous WhatsApp group named  ‘Wh@*es and More Wh@*es’ created by the youth icon and teen heartthrob Manik Malhotra aka Parth Samthaan of the cult show Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. This group was made so that all the boys added could share details of their sexual conquests.

Parth Samthaan Charlie Chauhan and Vikas Gupta 5 Controversies of Parth Samthaan You Need to Know!

When he was questioned about the same he said he wasn’t aware of the same and is certainly being framed by someone. However, his co-star Utkarsh Gupta who played the role of Dhruv in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan did confirm that such a group did exist.

The Big Fall Out of Parth and Vikas Gupta – The Molestation Case

On December 30, 2015, news went viral that Parth has accused Vikas Gupta, the producer of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan of molestation, defamation, non-payment of dues, and extortion. Parth also lodged a complaint at Versova Police Station, following which Vikas Gupta was summoned by the Police and a statement was been recorded.

parth samathaan vikas gupta controversy 5 Controversies of Parth Samthaan You Need to Know!

In a statement, Parth Samthaan said that he wanted his dues of Rs 5, 50,000. He also accused Vikas of trying to ruin his career and mentioned that he was being asked to give Rs 50, 00,000 as a ransom. While, everybody wondered what is the real issue between the two, money or molestation? The police clarified that the stress was more on the professional matters and molestation was not the main issue.

The Telephonic Recording Where He Bitched about Niti Taylor, His Co-actor from KYY

In a telephonic recording that went viral, Parth is seen bitching about Niti Taylor, his co-actor from the show KYY and saying all the wrong things about her. It is however said that Parth said all that in a drunken state. However, this certainly didn’t go well with the actress. This is what she tweeted about hearing the telephone conversation.

“Parth Samthaan and Vikas Gupta Were in a Relationship” – Ekta Kapoor

Amidst these controversies, Ekta Kapoor made a revelation that shocked everybody. Well, this is what she said in a recent interview –

parth samthaan was in a relationship with vikas gupta  5 Controversies of Parth Samthaan You Need to Know!

“Vikas and Parth were close to each other and were in a relationship. Parth has accused Vikas of touching him inappropriately on December 7, 2013 and 20 days later, he was with Vikas holidaying in Bangkok! I know because I was also there to bring in the New Year. I have seen several videos of him professing his love for Vikas. The reason Parth has become bitter towards Vikas who gave him a break in his TV show is because the relationship came to an end. But he seems to have forgotten that he has a career thanks to Vikas, who groomed him and presented him. They were together for over three years. It’s very convenient to turn around and accuse your lover of being a molestor/rapist. You see starlets doing it all the time. Now male actors seem to have started using this tactic as well.”

Parth Contradicted Ekta Kapoor’s Statement

As soon as Ekta Kapoor’s revealed things, Parth came out in the open and gave a contradictory statement saying that he was always in a relationship with a girl (Disha Pattani currently Tiger Shroff’s GF). This is what he said,

“A lot of people already knew that I was always in a relationship with a girl. Yes, me and Vikas were good buddies and supported each other… But then that’s it!”

However, the industrywallahs are miffed with Parth since they already knew that the were in a close relationship and their major fall-out could have been resolved easily between the two without making it a headline and a gossip material.

What do you think about these controversies of Parth Samthaan?

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