Thoughts on reservation for the Patidars of Gujarat

I, like many others, for one cannot endorse reservation as backward status for Patidars. Being a Patel myself, I feel, this is degradation of very forward community. A community that is noteworthy in many fields in India and abroad. I would urge many Patels, to come forward, and state that if Patels are given a backward status, then me and my family would voluntarily forgo all “advantages” of backward status.

Frankly if one goes deeper, if Patidars want backward status, then the rest of the community in country should be offered that status – Brahmans, Shahs, Luhanas and so on – in fact the whole country.

Reservation in India Patidar – Reservation – Agitation

I would even go further and say that those in OBCs and other categories are at high social, economic, political status voluntarily declare that they too will forgo their status and make way for other unfortunate in their own community who are blocked by them because of their backwards status though they are no more backwards in true sense.

It is time for everybody including the government, political parties, etc to have another look into current policy. They are unlikely to do so because of political reasons. Supreme court is unlikely to take Suo motto cognizance.

Therefore it is time for right thinking men in Patidar community to reject voluntarily and declare that they, themselves, would not take advantage of any change in status.

If we have 90-95 % reservation to all those who want the backward status then may be the problem of heart burn could be solved. Take away capping of 50 % reservation.

By Dr Suresh Amin, MD, IFCAP

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