PDP MLA Mohammad Ashraf Mir Shoots AK47 In Taliban Style After Winning an “Election”

PDP MLA Shoots AK47 In Taliban Style After Winning an “Election”

pdp mla ak 47 PDP MLA LIKES AK47s

  1. In an aberrant incident PDP MLA Mohammad Ashraf Mir, was seen firing an AK 47 Assault rifle in the air after his victory over the former CM of Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah, in Sonawar constituency. The news grabbed the headlines after a video showing Ashraf Mir , firing an AK 47 started trending in Social networking sites.
  2. When questioned, Mir answered that he was merely picking up a Gun dropped by his personal security officer. But the video clearly showed him firing several round in the air, with rapid puffs of smoke spurting out of the barrel.ashraf mir pdp kashmir PDP MLA LIKES AK47s
  3. If he really has ‘personal security officer’ or his own Assault rifle armed ‘hired guns’ remains unclear. The video didn’t show any armed personal personnel around him as a crowd of supporters were blocking the view.
  4. In India, only a few groups of legal bodyguards are allowed to carry AK 47s. Even state cabinet ministers’ bodyguards need prior approval from high level committees to carry Assault rifles. So the question remains if he is legally allowed to keep bodyguards with AK 47s and if not, then where did the gun come from?
  5. The Gun may very well belong to the MLA himself but in India AK 47s are strictly banned for civilians and as such owning an AK 47 is a serious criminal offence. Sanjay Dutt was imprisoned for illegally owning a similar type of Gun.
  6. Even firing a gun in celebratory firing is a punishable offence in India. He could be booked under sections 25, 27 and 54 of the Arms Act. So the firing of bullets by the MLA Mohammad Ashraf Mir was a punishable offence. The evidence to this crime is now openly available on the internet in the form of the video that has been circulating on social networking sites and apps. Celebratory firing has severely wounded or even killed innocent unsuspicious persons in India before. Such irresponsible actions coming from an elected MLA is highly repugnant.
  7. As far as Celebratory firing is concerned, it is an open and shut case but other serious allegations of illegally owning a AK 47 rifle or hiring private AK 47 armed bodyguards needs to be thoroughly investigated. So what is keeping our law enforcing agencies from doing that? Perhaps initiating a criminal investigation against a sitting MLA of the PDP, a party with whom everybody wants to form a coalition government in Jammu and Kashmir, is strictly a ‘no-go area’ for them.

By: Avinandan Choudhury

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