The present government has taken too many populist decisions in a hurry in a bid to woo the public, which has now matured and is not that easily pleased.

It seems that the central government in a hurry has taken too many populist decisions like increase in dearness allowances & a portion of the same to be added into the basic salary of about 80 lakh government employees. But it is not going to give any final shape to people’s verdict as Indian voters have matured and know why these decisions have been taken just before the parliament election.

Similar is the decision of the creation of Telengana out of Andhra Pradesh. In the 2009 parliament elections it was one of the factors in Telangana region. The Manmohan government was idle for five years. It took its speed in bifurcating the state just prior to the parliamentary election even though the local assembly had rejected the demand of bifurcation. It may be added here that during the Vajpayee Government states were divided on due recommendation of the respective State assembly.

Even though the Manmohan government took many public-oriented decisions during its first 7 years but the last 3 years not only washed its governance but also angered most common people which has been shown in last assembly elections. At least now, political parties in power will have to think that people of India need good & honest leaders.

By Dr. Dinesh Mishra

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