Snoring is basically noisy breathing that occurs during sleep. Here’s all what you should know about it.

Snoring is basically noisy breathing that occurs during sleep. While sleeping, the muscles of throat relax, tongue falls back, and throat becomes narrow and “flabby”. During breathing, the walls of the throat start vibrating specifically while breathing in, and a bit less when breathing out.

These vibrations cause the special sound of snoring. The narrower the airway of throat becomes, the greater the vibration and the louder snoring occurs. When the walls of the throat collapse completely so that it is completely closed, result in creation of a condition called Apnea or cessation of breathing. This is really a serious condition which requires medical attention.

Sleep Apnia Diagram Why People Snore And How To Stop Snoring

How to Stop Snoring Immediately:

We can make some changes in our lifestyle to overcome the snoring habit. Weight and heavy body can cause snoring problem. Moreover, the weight gain increases the chances of development of snoring habit.

To stop snoring immediately go for walks and join exercise sessions. Smoking is another bad habit that causes the snoring. According to research smokers usually have snoring problems more than non-smokers. A smoker eventually damages its throat and lungs badly that results in breathing problems and snoring routine develops.

Alcohol consumption and excessive use of sleeping pills relax the muscles of throat to dangerous limits and cause snoring. Quitting Alcohol and smoking helps a lot in stopping snoring. Learn more about stop snoring immediately.

Anti-Snoring Devices that really work:

Today many anti-snoring devices and gadgets are available in market to minimize the snoring and to provide you with the comfortable sleep.

Sleep Apnea Why People Snore And How To Stop Snoring

Anti-Snoring Chin Strap is one of the most used device to stop the snoring to some extent. It adjusts your jaws and throat, and stop them to produce the snoring sounds.

Many people also use nasal dilators and place them in the nasals to stop snoring.

Mouthpieces are also available in market that are soft and flexible to help minimizing the snores. Some people use medications to sleep tight and comfortably.

See more about anti snoring devices that really work.

Side Effects of Snoring:

Sleep Apnea can cause stroke due to irregular breathing in sleep. One may also get heart diseases just like cardiovascular and coronary artery diseases and both may cause heart attack.

People with snoring may catch GERD which rises the level of acid from stomach to esophagus. Snoring deprives people from sleeping, they can feel tired and often get injured in many accidents due to day time sleepiness.

Mental well-being is affected badly due to sleeping disorder and snores, people get depression issues and headaches. Many people with snoring habit go to toilet more than two times in same night.

Find more about on: Side effects of snoring.

Snoring in women:

Age factor is the main reason of snoring in women. Mostly women snore later in life. Snoring in women is less intense than men therefore it is not commonly noticed as serious issue.

Obesity and fat (mainly around neck and chin) distribution in women bodies cause snoring problems. To know more about what causes snoring in women?

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