Reader’s Voice: What’s really stopping India from achieving the real position she deserves in the global scenario with all the resources and talent she has? Dynastic rule-not only in politics, but Bollywood, corporate world and almost in every other field.

More often than not we criticize political leaders as the most corrupt lot which takes decision based on convenience rather than conviction. If we closely look behind the reason for the wide spread corruption, it point to the dynasty rule where the next generation replaces the old guard irrespective of its performance, attitude, merit and vision. The leaders indulge in crony capitalism and cajoling as they want to see their sons, daughters, relatives get a place in the organization they are working for. The problem is not so simple. Everyone is biased. It is not only limited to politics. We can also find it also in other spheres like Bollywood and corporate culture.

uddhav thackeray The Perils of Dynastic Rule: Readers Voice

Shiv Sena Chief Uddhav Thackeray, son of founder Balasahed Thackeray, during Shiv Sena founder Bal Thackeray`s birth anniversary celebration at Chunabhatti in Mumbai on Jan.23, 2014. (Photo: Sandeep Mahankal/IANS)

Some months back when the Indian conglomerate Infosys was unable to perform well after so many quarters and in spite of much experimentation at the management level after replacing the CEO, the CFO and HR finally requested co-founder Narayan Murthy to come back and make a try to take it back to its apex position among IT companies. The man behind the setting up of this organization not only relented for this hard task but took along with him his son and positioned him in the management even though it was decided during the incubation of the company that no relative of the founder will join it so as to remain insulated from any kind of favoritism. But then rules are made to be broken and when it is the issue of close blood no one object to it.

Now, it comes down to Bollywood. Our film industry is the largest in terms of number of films made every year. In the recent times, movies have broken all previous records. Some of them were even able to garner more than 200 crores in just 3 weeks of their opening. But in spite of so much success, the critics are asking where the content is. When movies not only from the developed countries but also from the Muslim countries (Iran) are able to get an Oscar, why are our films not able to get a single Oscar after 100 years of their presence? The reason is simple- we work for money and not for the story. Our actors are basically the next generation of the older generation who are a part of this film industry for quite some time. For them name and fame is just a matter of marketing. The chances are given to those who belong to big names and the talented ones are left out to be satisfied by taking side roles. There are some exceptions but still dynasty rules.

The above discussion clarifies one thing- it is not the place of birth but merit that should matter otherwise India will never be able to get its right place in the world, be it politics, corporate industry or Bollywood.

By Hitesh Singh Pundir

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