The hypocritical society still struggles with the shame of period stain.

Every day, our Society strives harder and harder to morph into a ‘better society’. Well, changes-for-good did transpire but some ‘changes’ still implore the stubborn ‘us’ to embrace them. Of them, one is a woman’s battle with period-stain. Even a speck of ‘red’ on her attire turns out as a heck of shame. But, is it actually a disgraceful red-spot or the disgraceful mind-set?

To fight for period-shame, a Middle Eastern artist, satirist and socio-political activist Saint Hoax has beautifully mutated the Disney pictures to give prominence to the period-shame a woman continues to nurture yet.

After uploading the images to Instagram, he explained the project was inspired by a female friend who had realised she had leaked and had a period stain on her skirt while on a date.

Disney prince princess Is Period Stain A Bane In Woman’s life?

Below is how he explained.

“Her date didn’t handle the situation well; she could tell he was uncomfortable. As the night came to an end, he said he would call her the next day…”

“After not hearing back from him, she was convinced he was revolted by the accident. She sent him an apologetic text message. He replied, ‘how can I date a girl who doesn’t know what a Tampon is?’”

disney picture Is Period Stain A Bane In Woman’s life?

“These blooded Disney princesses are my reaction to her story. There’s a lot of ignorance and shame surrounding this subject. The fact that she felt the need to apologise for something so natural is more appalling than a period stain.”

“There isn’t much awareness around this subject. It’s considered a ‘taboo’ when it really shouldn’t be. I want to provoke people with my Disney princesses to push them to discuss this more openly.”

” Girls get their period once a month. Sometimes it gets messy. Get over it”.

Before all, heartfelt commendations to Saint who although satirically, but very marvellously painted a gloomy picture of menstruation. But on the same hand, he had implanted a question into all of ours’ narrow minds that whether a red spot is something a woman should be ashamed of?

Why should a woman cringe if blood, by chance, pops out on their clothes? Come on, everybody around is acquainted to the fact of once-in-a-month menstrual cycle woman goes through. What embarrassment does she call upon if a red stain gets focused? No woman does it intentionally, it just happens.

For periods do not whatsapp before its arrival.

For blood does not make noise before leaking out.

For women love to highlight the redness around their cheeks and not there.

By Prerna Daga

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