All major powers, USA, NATO, Turkey, and Russia have role in the war; Syria is bleeding! What is the aim?Simple profit?Wars these days had begun to not end.

This article is not part of Geopolitics but still related to it! At midnight, I saw some reports of war devastation and sat down to pen down my emotions! Hope, you will read it, though it is not a story to be juicy or even be able to produce interests of the learned Geo-politicians, war experts!

Present era war is different than what we used to witness earlier! It used to be with the neighboring countries! Purposes were manifold; like from making home population busy to grabbing neighbor’s natural wealth!

By the time, when WW I started, it became global! This was no more limited to a regional war and aim was to capture the world market, or if it was already captivated by the adversaries, demand for a re-distribution! Technology, too, had its say in the changing nature of war & its scope!

world war Perpetual War: Changing Nature Of War!

From post WW II to a decade back, we saw same, with little variation of war that was between two camps, that is, USA/NATO versus USSR and allies! However, there were hardly ever a direct confrontation, earlier or even now! Third World countries used to be casualties, while these blocks supplied arms with super profits! Now USA, EUs sell more arms than Russian blocks!

After demise of USSR, it seemed, the world would be free of war, at least cold war! But no, we saw Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan and many more! Not a year went, when a sovereign nation was not attacked! Outright invasion! Goal remained same, capturing foreign lands, rich in natural wealth and market!

Underhand war, Low Intensity Conflict Operation (LICO), CIA led Coup-de-Tat, Yellow revolutions, like in Ukraine, etc continued at larger scale!

But, what we are witnessing now, since a decade or so, is a war, which does not seem to have an aim! No start date, no end in sight, no boundary, no direct open enemy!

isis trail of terror Perpetual War: Changing Nature Of War!

Watch Syria! There are good and bad terrorists; ISIS has no special country or boundary! As name suggests, it is in Syria & in Iraq and many detachments world over! Still, it has its own government and even produces crude oil and sells it in open market, buyers cannot be common man, and so far known among them is Turkey! They have their own propaganda measures, army on salary, IT hub centers, recruiting agencies!

All major powers, USA, NATO, Turkey, and Russia have role in this war; Syria is bleeding! What is the aim, by the way? Simple profit? Despite all this ‘perpetual war’, yet, the price of crude oil is at rock bottom!

middle east war Perpetual War: Changing Nature Of War!

War is no more a mere tool in hands of a country to further its business but a business in itself! Trillions worth arm dealers, oil and other natural ore & mineral companies are involved! There are series of middlemen, media, law makers, henchmen in this business, plotted lobbies, in addition to thousands of workers, missionaries, soldiers and volunteers, who have become worse than brainless, blood sucking monsters!

Does “Profit” justifies the present form of war, with massive enhanced scope of destruction, even if nuclear arms are not being used? Remember the rhetoric of Obama or President ‘hope’ Trump or many 3rd World nations? Pakistani Nuke Scientist, AQ Khan, boasted few days back that his country can destroy Delhi in 5 minutes!

War was unjustified since it started but now it has acquired the scope of destroying a nation or many nations in few days or weeks, has become absurd, total irrational; that too in a world, where we have discovered Gravitational waves and created enough wealth & services to care more than double the Earthmen now! Yet, Billions of them are unemployed and bereft of food and other basics, remain ignorant! Earth itself is boiling and is heading to an explosion point, or call it a “Point of No Return”!

Do we accept the present? Absolutely no! We cannot reverse this but have to negate the present for a better future! Solution is “hand over” the Earth to its working class and peasants, the creators of wealth, who know how to preserve themselves and the mother Earth! Destroy few parasites and their henchmen, if they resist!

Mankind in its continuation of its ‘life’ has reached to a position, where it is the richest and most intelligent! Yet, it is the poorest and most ignorant and superstitious; divided into religion, caste, colours and worse nations! Geo politics is only for the learning and not for any solution! Mankind must rise to stop its own end, for the sake of profit, which has made us reach to the present form of war, a perpetual war, with no defined aim, whatsoever!<

By KK Singh

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