A touching and expressive poem about how the media and politicians tend to commercialize and publicize any painful tragedy inflicted upon a common person.

personal tragedy commercialised Personal Tragedy Commercialized

“If I make my uterus a corporation, will y’all stop regulating it?”

Take a moment and think,
Of those raped and the others afraid to be
Those innumerable subconscious strategies;
That constant lingering fear, Do you not see?

Countless lessons painfully shared;
Avoid dark lanes, keep a pepper spray!
The frantic mother reminding you;
Be back before the day light fades away.

Can you feel the mounting panic,
Heart thumping and throat drying?;
The car with drunk yelling “aye chalti hai?”
And the several frigid eyes prying;

Touched against her wish,
By inquisitive tutors and frisky bosses.
Are you telling me that a girl’s destiny, her LIFE;
Is determined by the coin he tosses!

I’m born human!
I was told I have rights too!
But beyond books when reality strikes,
There is no law, no system to reach out to.

When I gather guts to complain,
“Why you?” “What did you do?” I’m asked.
“Believe me Maa!” Trust your child!
That saintly man is only a devil in disguise.

I saw you lit up candles for me!
I saw you go on hunger strikes!
Why are you mummed? What fears you then?
When I’m teased right before your eyes!

The police and the laws come a step later,
Let the need not arise;
STOP objectifying me!
Stop piercing me with those lustful eyes!

Forming committees and supporting reports,
About which you have no clue;
You want to see a change in law,
Well me? I wait to see a change in YOU.

Tell me you’ll stand up!
Tell me you’ll protect me!
Prove it’s wrong what I realized,
That it’s more, indeed more than just a PERSONAL TRAGEDY COMMERCIALIZED.

By Sonali Singh

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Image Source: The Sociological Cinema@Facebook

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