The world mourns the barbaric and senseless killings of the Peshawar Attack of yesterday. Can something like this happen in our cities? Are we vigilant enough?

Can A Peshawar Attack Horror Story Happen In Our Cities?peshawar school attack21 Can A Peshawar Attack Happen In Our Cities?

  1. Watching the news yesterday, no parent, anywhere in the world would fail to be chilled and utterly horrified with the inhuman, senseless massacre that took place in Peshawar yesterday.
  2. peshawar school attack Can A Peshawar Attack Happen In Our Cities?141 people (the number of dead is much higher according to some reports), most of them children were slaughtered and more than a 100 others were injured by armed militants of the Pakistani Taliban or the TTP in an army school in Peshawar. (source – BBC)
  3. With terror attacks being a constant threat in and frequent occurrence Pakistan, it is the Pakistani people who have once again paid for state supported terror with the lives of their own people. This time around they have paid with the lives of innocent children in a terror attack that has been the most brutal and mind numbing of all. (read more about recent terror attacks in Pakistan on India Opines)
  4. With our own vulnerability to terror attacks, the question is inevitable – can a Peshawar like horror story unfold in one of our own cities?
  5. Well evidently, many seem to think that this could be a remote possibility. Security has been beefed up in Delhi Schools and Colleges. The principals of various educational institutions will be instructed about maintaining a tighter vigil and about creating a contingency plan in the case of an attack. Proper verification before admittance, PCR vans being placed close to schools and more frequent patrolling are part of the overall plan.
  6. The threat of such an attack may not appear as imminent in India, but stepping up the vigil can never be a bad idea – particularly where innocent children are involved. In this, if not anything else, no sane person would fail to have sympathy for the bereaved parents.
  7. peshawar school attack2 Can A Peshawar Attack Happen In Our Cities?For all of us who hugged our children extra tight this morning as they left for school, it has to be a case of #IndiaWithPakistan as we #PrayForPeshawar right alongside Pak citizens for the terrible #PakSchoolSiege yesterday. We can only pray that a #PeshawarAttack never happens anywhere in the world, much less anywhere in India.

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Before we sleep let’s say a prayer for all the children who died & their families who are grieving. #PeshawarAttack

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