Did you know the science of kissing is called Philematology? Did you know kissing is healthy? Read on to know the various interesting facts about Kissing

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Science of Kissing !! 

Primates, lions, birds, moose, even elephants… they all kiss. Bonobo monkeys even kiss with open mouths. And humans? On average, we spend upto 2 weeks kissing in our lifetime. So there must be something healthy about it, right? The science of kissing actually has a name: Philematology. Research on the subject from the American Association for the Advancement of Science hints at what many already believe-in many ways, kissing is good for you. Read more to know about the various interesting facts about Kissing.

What does the interview of the Delhi rapist reveal 

‘Ever since I have heard of Journalist Leslee Udwin’s interview of Mukesh Singh (one of the criminals convicted of Nirbhaya case) I have been thinking why did she took interest in interviewing a rape convict. The journalist said that she wanted to show men’s mindset about rape and women.’ An interesting take on the Delhi rapist’s interview , this article is a must read.

Top 10 most extreme places in the universe 

‘we can say that not everywhere in the universe, it is so comfortable as it is in our beautiful Earth. Infact, elsewhere storms rages, even freezes at absolute zero, other places it rains iron and glass. So beating out the sarcasm, lets see the ten most hellish places in space.’ Read the interesting post to know the ten most extreme places in our universe.

Top 10 Bollywood albums of 2014

Bollywood had some memorable albums in 2014. Multi composer soundtracks became a trend. But amidst the n number of albums, only a few stood out as gems. Read the post to know the top ten albums of 2014.

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