After Jalal is shown falling in love with Phool Kanwar in Maharana Pratap, there is a huge speculation whether Phool Kanwar was Jodha Bai, lets analyze here

In Sony TV’s Maharana Pratap which is less of history and more of fiction, the story exhibits Jalal aka Akbar as an antagonist with an attitude to do anything for all that he craves – whether land, random things or human beings . Currently, he is been shown going head over heels for Ajabde’s friend Phool Kanwar, making the audiences speculate whether Phool Kanwar was Jodha Bai. Here are 5 reasons as to why Phool Kanwar shown in the serial cannot be Jodha Bai.

phool kunwar maharana pratap 5 Reasons Why Phool Kanwar of Maharana Pratap serial cannot be Jodha Bai!

1. Phool Kanwar was Maharana Pratap’s Wife

According to Bhagwan Singh Rana’s book, “Maharana Pratap” his 5th wife was Phool Bai Rathore. Now, Phool Bai Rathore is none other than the Princess Phool Kanwar of Marwar because while a young princess is called as kanwar in the Rajput tradition she becomes Bai once she is married. As far as the surname “Rathore” is concerned it is the sub caste in the Rajput tradition. Just like Maharana Pratap was Sisodia Rajput, Phool Kanwar was Rathore Rajput of Marwar.

2. Phool Kanwar was from Marwar (Jodhpur) and not Amber (Jaipur)

Phool Kunwar being a Rathore Rajput was from Marwar a province in Jodhpur. On the other hand, Jodha Bai was a daughter of Kachawa king Raja Bharmal from the province of Amer (included present day Jaipur and Shekhawat region) so the two were all together two different girls with different backgrounds.

3. Jodha Bai was called Heer Kunwar, Hira Kunwari and Harkha Bai, not Phool Kanwar

Across books, documents, oral as well as folklores we have come across several names of Jodha Bai. From Harkha Bai, Heer Kunwar, Hira Kunwari to her title Mariam – Uz – Zamani but never even for once she was termed as Phool Kanwar, making it clear that Phool Kanwar was not Jodha Bai’s other names which can become the reason or source of this confusion.

Jodha Bai 5 Reasons Why Phool Kanwar of Maharana Pratap serial cannot be Jodha Bai!

Jodha Bai, Image Source : IANS

4. Akbar married Rajput Princess for Political Alliance, not for her beauty

In Sony TV’s Maharana Pratap serial it is shown that Jalal aka Akbar is in awe with Phool Kanwar’s beauty and is so falling in love with her. On the other hand, even Zee TV’s Jodha Akbar had a sequence when Akbar falls in love with Jodha when he sees her for the very first time in his disguised avatar. Well, since both the sequence of the two serials are same. I guess the audiences inter connected everything and thought that perhaps Phool Kanwar is Jodha. However, the truth is Akbar never went latu over the looks of Jodha but married her only so that he could form a political alliance with the Rajputs. This marriage was a stepping stone of his political alliances with the Rajputs.

5. Phool Kanwar is a bit brat while Jodha Bai has a clean record

Phool Kanwar in the serial is shown as a brat right from the start but as far as Jodha’s little history t is known she appears sensible, goody-goody and not at all self centered unlike Phool Kanwar. While, Phool Kanwar is shown conspiring against Pratap and Pratap’s friend, Jodha is known for her respect towards Pratap, so even as far as the nature and behavior is concerned, it is clear that Phool Kanwar cannot be Jodha Bai.

It is television serial’s wrong portrayal of things that often compels audiences to assume lot of things but not everything that the show exhibits is true. In fact, all these historical dramas that run on the TV is only 20 to 30% history and 70 to 80 % fictional drama. So, next time if such question runs in your mind drop in your dilemma and we shall try to clear it with the help of books, authentic sources and documented facts.

By: Deepti Verma

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Image Courtesy: IANS, Set India

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