Phool Kanwar is seen lecturing her grandfather the king of Marwar and Rao Maldeo discuss Phool Kanwar’s love interest.

In the last few episodes of Maharana Pratap we have seen how Rao Maldeo wants to finish off Pratap from his way to rule the entire Rajputana and not just Marwar. And just when his grand daughter Phool Kanwar who is in love with Pratap, discusses “Pratap” with him, he not only hears all what she has to say, but is also quick to reply that he couldn’t tolerate Pratap rejecting her love for Ajabde, the samant’s daughter. 

We totally agree with Rao Maldev’s feeling towards his grand daughter – Phool Kanwar. However, the serial is based in the times of 16th century when there was not one, but many restrictions and limitations on the women section even if they were princess. Can we imagine a grand daughter lecturing her grand father? Moreover, he replying back saying he knows that she has soft corner for so and so? It would have made sense had he discussed it with somebody else, maybe the male members, but his grand daughter??? 

Was 16th Century Hindustan So Liberal that a King Tolerated His Grand Daughter’s Tantrum in Politics?

Here in the serial we see Phool Kanwar showing Rao Maldeo what is correct and what is not so correct. While, it is just a serial with many of the instances wrongly portrayed, do you think women in the 16th century had the courage of going and lecturing her grandfather and especially, when he is the king?

Rao Maldeo Rathore Mewar Phool Kanwar Lecturing Rao Maldeo, her Grand Father & King of Marwar   Was 16th Century Rajputana So Liberal?

Besides, Can Even in the 21st Century Majority of the Indian Girls Discuss Their Feelings With Their Father, Forget Grand Father!

Even today, can you imagine a father, trying his best to get a guy for his daughter whom she loves dearly? One or Two or maybe 5 in 100 but it still remains  a question mark whether an average father would do it. So a grandfather doing the same in 16th century India is not only surprising, but also shocking. 

Phool Kanwar Rao Maldeo Maharana Pratap Phool Kanwar Lecturing Rao Maldeo, her Grand Father & King of Marwar   Was 16th Century Rajputana So Liberal?

Also, while a small section of girls might be able to tell her father – “Oh, Please don’t hurt him dad, because I love him and want to marry him!” there are majority of the girls who do not have the courage. They might convey it to their mothers and they in turn, would pass it on, but telling directly, even today is not so common. Then how come, we have a 16th century show which shows Phool Kanwar, the grand daughter conveying all her love and feelings for Pratap to her grandfather Rao Maldev. Agreed, he loves her and vice versa, but still for God’s sake, it is 16th century India and that too Marwar, a part of the then Rajputana! 

Is it Possible that – Rao Maldeo Who Gave His Daughter’s Hand To Moslem Rulers Had The Patience to Hear Phool Kanwar’s Lectures OR Love Woes? 

Rao Maldeo is the first Rajput king who started the trend of giving his daughter’s hand to the Moslem rulers –

From Sher Shah Suri to even Haji Khan and Mahmud III, the King of Gujarat, his daughters married to various Moslem rulers that came in his way – Do, you think a person like Rao Maldeo who had no feelings for his daughters, had the patience to politely sit and hear his grand daughter’s lectures or love woes?

Phool Kanwar rao maldeo maharana pratap ajab de Phool Kanwar Lecturing Rao Maldeo, her Grand Father & King of Marwar   Was 16th Century Rajputana So Liberal?

If he had that patience, don’t you think none of his daughters would have married his enemies at all? 

By: Editorial Team

Image Source: SonyLIV
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