Is this a career malfunction or is this for real ? Rakhi Sawant distributing free dustbins to the poor in Mumbai ?

Is this a career malfunction or is this for real ? Rakhi Sawant distributing free dustbins to the poor in Mumbai. For those in disbelief – below are a few pictures showing the same

Rakhi Sawant Malfunction Distributing Dustbins 3  Photos : Rakhi Sawant Malfunction ?

I was under the impression – that this was it – she could not take the strain of the many years of not being able to become a leading actress , even though she has been a leading item girl – and that this has effected her mental well-being causing this malfunction.

Rakhi Sawant Malfunction Distributing Dustbins 2  Photos : Rakhi Sawant Malfunction ?

But then my thought went to her recent support in favour of Narendra Modi – Is she perhaps campaigning for the BJP or even more so perhaps she is getting a ticket from the BJP. Why should this be surprising after all actors such as Gul Panag have gotten tickets. Many woould argue that Rakhi Sawant is way more accomplished than Gul Panag – but that is up for debate.

Rakhi Sawant Malfunction Distributing Dustbins  Photos : Rakhi Sawant Malfunction ?


But after todays program – Satyamev Jayate by Amir Khan, It just hit me – everything is now crystal clear. It would seem that 27000 (yes twenty seven thousand) crores are spent for garbage disposal in the city of Mumbai annually. And everyone can guess that half of this must be siphoned away after all Mumbai is quite the dirty city and twenty seven thousand crores is a lot of money.

So Rakhi Sawant, is an entrepreneur after all. Support for the BJP and her distributing dustbins must not be a malfunction , but a choice of a different career path – that of “Corporator Woman Politician” – where clearly a lot more money is to be made (directly from the government that too). There is some method to this madness – actually this must a well thought out planLets wish her well in her entrepreneurial efforts.

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Image Source: IANS

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