When will Pihu know about Ishita?

Ishita is in Australia and so is Pihu now along with her father Raman Bhalla. While, there is a lot of hide and seek going in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein where the main protagonists are not able to meet each other, Pihu and Ishita are getting close. Well, they both have heard each other’s voice.

yeh hai mohabbatein Will Pihu Get to Know about Ishita’s Truth?

Pihu and Ishita Met Twice

Pihu and Ishita came to the same pastry shop. Interestingly, Ishita also asked the shopkeeper to give Pihu the pastry she wanted by taking one less pastry with her. Pihu wanted to thank her but by that time Ishita had already left the shop. However, in a mirror, Pihu could see Ishita’s face and remembered that she has seen her once. After recollecting, she realizes that she saw her in Iyer Aunty’s house and she is the same lady on whose photo there was a garland.

ishita pihu Will Pihu Get to Know about Ishita’s Truth?

She decides to share the news with her Adi Bhaiya. Meanwhile, Raman wants to meet the owner of IshRa company. Interestingly, the owner of the company is none other than Mani who finally decides to meet the businessman along with Ishita. They all are in the same hotel when Pihu gets locked in the Hotel Toilet. Here, Ishita comes to her rescue. She not only calms her but also tells her a story of Princess and fairies. They hear each other’s voice but when Pihu is finally rescued Ishita goes out to meet Mani who waits for her outside.

Pihu Is Keen to Inform about Ishita to Adi

Pihu is a smart child. She understands things just like Ruhi. Now that she has seen Ishita and is even set to reveal the same to her Adi Bhaiya, we have a feeling that slowly Pihu will know more about Ishita. After all, Pihu is not the one who will sit quit and let everything happen on its own. We are sure Pihu will try to know why the aunty is staying in Australia and why the Iyers had put a garland on her photo.

adi pihu yhm Will Pihu Get to Know about Ishita’s Truth?

Perhaps Adi can help. We simply cannot wait for the moment when both Pihu and Ishita will come face to face. Ishita will at once know that Pihu is none other than her own daughter. After all, she looks like a Carbon copy of Ruhi and a carbon copy of Ruhi can be none other than Raman’s daughter.

Will Pihu Know that Her Life Story is no less than a Family Drama

Pihu keeps on talking about Saajan ka Sasural – a TV serial. However, she will get the shock of her life when she’ll know that Shagun is not her real mother but the aunty she saw at the pastry shop is. Also, we wonder how will she react when she’ll know that the Iyers are her relatives and Shravan is her cousin.

pihu ishita Will Pihu Get to Know about Ishita’s Truth?

Things would really turn interesting when Pihu will know that Ruhaan is her elder sister and Ishita is her mother. It would be really a jaw dropping moment when all the missing angles will finally come in front of Pihu who currently doesn’t know anything about the past of her father and family.

What do you think – Will Pihu Get to Know about Ishita’s Truth soon? Or will it take some more time?

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