Shagun has turned evil in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – Will Pihu know about her real truth?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has taken a strange turn where the good lady Shagun has once again turned into a bad lady. Thanks to her obsession of staying with the Bhallas, Shagun is all set to play a vamp yet another time. However, this time nobody knows that she has changed colors. Everybody is of the opinion that she is a nice lady including Ishita, Raman and Ruhi.

While, everybody is well versed with her past, we wonder, how will Pihu react if she knows the reality of her mother Shagun.

pihu shagun yhm Will Pihu Know What an Evil Lady Her Mom Shagun is?

Shagun Has Turned Evil

In a strange turn of events Shagun has join hands with Nidhi and is doing everything that can harm Ishita. No wonder, Shagun wants Ishita out of her life just because she now wants to be with Pihu and the Bhalla family. She is being nice and taking revenge from Ishita and Ishita has no idea that whatever Shagun is doing is not for Pihu, Ruhi or the family, but herself.

ishita shagun Will Pihu Know What an Evil Lady Her Mom Shagun is?


Shagun is Ready to Marry Mani As She Has Plans

Shagun had no interest in marrying Mani. However, Nidhi makes her realize that this is the right step to get what she desires. Next, she announces that she is ready to marry Mani. Nobody including Ishita or Ruhi is able to sense Shagun’s ulterior motives. But Shagun is all set to ruin Ishita’s life. The evil lady is ensuring that she wins over Ishita anyhow.

shagun nidhi Will Pihu Know What an Evil Lady Her Mom Shagun is?

Will Pihu Know about her Shagun Mama?

Everybody in the family knows Shagun’s past – her behavior, nature and all the wrong things she did. However, Pihu has no idea. She thinks her mom is a nice human being and a very good mother. NO WONDER, Shagun showered all the love to Pihu and she has been a good mother so far. But, now when Shagun has changed her colors and has become evil, she is not even thinking of Pihu.

shagun pihu Will Pihu Know What an Evil Lady Her Mom Shagun is?

Pihu considers her mother as an ideal mother so it would be rather very sad when she’ll realize her Shagun mom is so selfish that she didn’t think twice before hurting her real mother, her father, all the family members and even her. WE are sure there will be lot of drama in the serial if ever Pihu realizes that Shagun is no less than the TV serial’s Kamini aunty.

But before that we wonder how will Pihu react when she’ll know that her Shagun Mama is marrying Mani uncle and that she is not her real mother. WE wonder how will she react when she’ll realize that Ishi Maa is her real mother. We are sure Pihu will understand the story behind having two mothers. After all, Ruhi has explained her well the concept of surrogacy.

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