Facebook today is a platform which resonates with ‘n’ number of different feelings of different individuals. Time has come to reflect your pooping emotions.

Piku indeed is a must-watch movie with your parents. Besides elucidating a complicated-yet-beautiful connection between a father and a daughter, it has certainly suggested some new add-ons to Mark Zuckerberg regarding ‘add what you are doing or feeling’ section in the status post.

Here are the 5 distinct and frolicsome posts which might hit your FB walls.

1.Feeling Congested

To shed some light on this feeling update, one would decode about his ‘constipation’ or ‘kabz’ issue. It is then, when one would force oneself to poop, exit the washroom after prolonged minutes of squat, but un-excreted. Supposedly, there happens to exist many ‘Bhaskar-likes’. Lol!

feeling congested1 5 Upcoming Piku inspired Facebook Statuses



 2.Feeling light

Ah! This update is more of like notifying your good health to public. Routinely defecating with no variation in the manner of pooping connotes your normal bowels. So, instead of early morning current affairs, your morning would switch on with your friend’s private affairs. He-He.


feeling light1 5 Upcoming Piku inspired Facebook Statuses

 3.Feeling loose


Oh man, such update will be the intermittent one, in turn, pestering others. Frequent loo-visits followed by frequent FB updates would undeniably annoy others. But if one un-reluctantly checks in 10 times a day, why not ten ‘feeling loose’ updates? Nothing is redundant unless you are shy. Ha-Ha. Food for thought, huh?

feeling loose 5 Upcoming Piku inspired Facebook Statuses

4.Feeling Cyclic

Aw! that expression may turn out as double-meaning kind. For, you might be misconstrued as a constipation patient even if your fond for cycle is not out of constipation but paddling-mania. Uh-oh! I hope each of you would consider twice before finalizing hr click on ‘cyclic’.


5. Feeling Piku Syndrome

This one being the most epic is a complete package of emotions associated with constipation. Perhaps inclusive of all what ‘Bhaskar Da’ went through. How striking! Isn’t it?


By Prerna Daga

Image Source: 1,2,3 , “First Look Poster” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.



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