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The latest among the BJP spokespersons to be rewarded for her stout defence of the BJP on TV in the recent elections to the Lok Sabha is Pinky Anand, who has been appointed as the Additional Solicitor General of the NDA government.

pinky anand Pinky Anand   A Crusader of Human Rights

She joins the list of Arun Jaitley, Smriti Irani, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Meenakshi Lekhi and Nirmala Sitaraman who defended Narendra Modi vigorously ever since he was promoted as the Prime Ministerial face of the BJP.

Pinky Anand has been a prominent face of the Bharatiya Janata Party for a very long time. Her association with the saffron brigade began with her student days when she was elected Secretary of the Delhi University Students Union in 1979-80. Since then she has made a name for herself as a prominent lawyer, social worker, human rights activist and writer. She holds a masters in Law from Harvard Law School and held the post of additional advocate general in Uttarakhand.

In an exclusive interview to India Opines Pinky Anand spoke out about her latest assignment and related issues.

Your appointment adds to the list of prominent party spokespersons getting rewarded by the BJP. But suddenly there is huge vacuum of voluble and informed BJP speakers on TV channels.

BJP has identified and put together a very efficient team of spokespersons which has been lauded by all. This new practice of appointing a dynamic team of spokespersons was an innovative idea of the BJP and has worked very well. Politics admits no vacuum. Dynamics of life has taken me to a new threshold which is overwhelming and challenging. My place will be filled in by equally or more competent persons.

The post of ASG is very crucial today when questions are being raised about the role of Reliance, the 2 G scam and cases against some of the BJP leaders like Amit Shah and Nitin Gadkari. Would it not have been wiser to have a neutral lawyer rather a committed BJP person here?

An Additional Solicitor General is an officer of the court. A lawyer first. An integral limb of the justice dispensing system. The objective is to ensure that justice is dispensed in the most effective and efficient manner.

You must be aware of the various controversies on judicial appointments after BJP came to power. Does it not dent the credibility of the only system that people still rely on despite some misgivings?

Controversies are created. They come and go. For years our judicial system has protected the rights of citizens and has been lauded world over. It’s image cannot be dented so easily.

Your Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has been asked questions about the delay in deliverance of justice and the resultant total draining of funds of the poor litigants. What is your take on this?

Things don’t change overnight. Dedicated efforts are being made to ensure that nobody in our country is denied or receives delayed justice. Patience and perseverance will ensure that effective and efficient judicial system is available to all.

The UPA II had a very prominent battery of lawyers many of them ministers. And yet most of them lost face in the recent elections. How will people like you avoid the pitfalls?

I am an officer of the court today and my entire being is focused at that. My objective is to provide assistance to the court in ensuring that justice is delivered. I see no pitfalls.

And finally, will this be the end if not total role reversal of Pinky Anand’s role as a crusader for human rights and social issues?

Pinky Anand is and will always remain a crusader of human rights and social issues. I believe in paying back to the society. Being a dynamic person, I will always endeavour to be involved in humanitarian issues.

By Amitabh Srivastava


Image Source: Pinky Anand

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