What happens when your beloved gets raped because of you? Know an unusual saga of love, sacrifice and acceptance – Piya Re (Mora Piya) on Zee Zindagi TV

Zee Zindagi in 2014 gave Indian viewers a fresh change from the never ending saas – bahu  saga. Short and sweet, these Pakistani serials were welcomed by Indian viewers with open arms. In 2015, this journey continues further with more and more cross border stories.

Here we bring the synopsis of the very first show of the year – Piya Re (Mora  Piya of Geo TV)

mora piya piya re tv serial Piya Re on Zee Zindagi   A Saga of Love, Sacrifice and Acceptance!

Piya Re is a story of love birds Ujala (Aamina Sheikh) and Faisal (Adeel Hussain). Ujala is a photographer by passion and Faisal is a journalist into investigative journalism. His work often leads him into trouble. He gets threat calls on a daily basis, and this is the reason why Ujala’s father is not ready to give his daughter’s hand to Faisal. However, after repeated request, he agrees.

They get married but a Tragic incident on the night of their wedding tarnishes their relationship forever. Their wedding night instead of bringing bliss, turns out to be an event of mournful cries.

The Twist

Faisal gets a call from his co-worker. He tells him Ali (Faisal’s investigative reporter) has been murdered. He immediately decides to go to Ali’s place. Ujala, his strong support and now also his wife, decides to accompany him. However, the duo gets kidnapped midway by. These are the same men who were being investigated by Ali.

In this tragic incident, the leader of the gang Pasha rapes Ujala in front of Faisal, so that he doesn’t expose them publicly. The way Aamina renders the expressions of shock, anguish and suffering, needs a standing ovation. Also, Faisal’s fuming anger over the incident needs a round of applause.

The Trauma

This tragic incident changes Ujala and Faisal’s happiness forever. They are now no more a happy couple. To avoid any questions from their families about their gloominess, the couple decides to go to their honeymoon.  However, no matter how much they try to bring back the spark in their relationship, the black night haunts them back, time and again. The two however decide to help each other to come out of the trauma.

The Unwanted Pregnancy

Much to the couple’s surprise when they return from the honeymoon, Ujala realizes that she is pregnant. Both Ujala and Faisal know the fact that the father of the child is the rapist, but not their families. Unaware of the facts, the two families start celebrating the pregnancy news as ‘good news’. Faisal is distraught again. They both visit ‘abortion clinic’ but cannot explain as to why they want to end the pregnancy. They decide to come back again.

piya re zee zindagi Piya Re on Zee Zindagi   A Saga of Love, Sacrifice and Acceptance!

Meanwhile, Ujala’s mom talk to her about the importance of being a mother and Ujala begins to develop a strange relationship with the child in her womb. Further, the abortion is delayed as the Ujala and Faisal meet with an accident. 

As the story moves forward, Ujala tries to rebond her lost intimacy with Faisal. However, Faisal gets emotionally distant from Ujala though he tries to be at her side. How the two carry their life from thereon, is the USP of the show. In addition, the acting of the protagonists is something that keeps you hooked as you feel their pain.

A Social Drama

The show is dedicated to all the women who have gone through similar experience. A drama with a social message, Piya Re through Ujala attempts to give courage to the surviving rape victims across the country. The serial in a way tells how to get away from negative emotions and catch the grip of a normal life, once again. The director Anjum Shehzad has taken a bold step to depict a story of a rape victim and her relationship with her husband, who is also a victim.

rape victim india Piya Re on Zee Zindagi   A Saga of Love, Sacrifice and Acceptance!

No wonder, Piya Re in a way, illustrates how a loved one can help and support the victim in her rough patch of life. Though some parts of the serial might be disturbing, it is a good attempt by Shehzad and his script writer Mohsin Ali.

Watch Piya Re on Zee Zindagi at 8 pm from Monday to Saturday.

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