If not today,our planetary mission may become a success tomorrow. Hope we can shift our home to that planet & learn from them how to remain simple & humble

When I was a small child my mother used to tell me that Gods reside beyond the clouds. The moon and sun are two smaller gods and we have to pay obeisance to them from time to time. Now I am an adult and my mother has grown old. But few things always remain the same. Still I revere the planetary gods’ sun and moon. Not because I treat them as God but due to qualities and effects they have on every living being here on earth.

planetary mission moon india Why Planetary Mission Is Important?

There is no doubt that life force, all living beings cannot exist in absence of these two. However sun has more to play than the Moon. Just like these many natural objects plays a wide role in our life directly or indirectly. The plants, animals, birds or even a small insect is responsible for life to exist on earth. Since I am a believer hence I think all of them have been created for reason which is beyond comprehension.

Scientifically it has been proved that life exists on this planet around 300 billion years ago. The advent of human society is just a few lakh years back and if talk of civilization it is just thousands of years old. The research is on to untangle the mysteries of nature. The more we discover the more we realize there is many undiscovered phenomenon yet to be explored.

Does life exist on other planets? we are still trying to find out about the life on another planets but are we sure that, in case life form exists of another planets, it will same as that on earth. Can our scientific instrument gauge the details effectively? I doubt.

Few years back some people propagated the theory about the revelation of aliens’ objects in space. Based on the evidence available and taking with the people who are mentioning all such talks, it was found to be a farce. We are on our planetary mission – sending people, satellites and other planetary objects to space to know the evidence of life forms. Until we see the evidence based on the experiments performed we can never know about the existence of life presently or in past.

aliens extra terrestrial space planets Why Planetary Mission Is Important?

I hope earth is not the only planet in the entire universe where all kinds of element are available to support life. There may be some other planets out there just like millions of galaxies are present. I hope someday will come when myth become reality. When we can travel to outer space and spent our holidays on other planets. Where there are people friendly towards us.

Hope we may learn from them how to remain simple and humble. We may learn from them how to live peacefully without damaging the environment. If not today but tomorrow our planetary mission may become a success. Before life is wiped out from earth due to natural reasons or the artificial ones, created by the human, hope we may find some other planets having same conditions for the existence of life as required. Then we can shift our home to that planet.

Dreams apart but reality is stranger the fiction. Based on perception we are exploring and history tells us few impediments can become milestones for the future. From today’s failure we would learn some important lessons. But we must not get dishearten, instead carry on the task. It is a must for our human society to survive through eternity.

By: Hitesh Pundir

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