Please Dear Prime minister… Do Not keep these poisonous snakes in our backyard. Who will not let you and the nation live peacefully, sleep peacefully.

It is by now very clear to the large population of this nation that some powers are working hard to serve their political ends. Today Bharat is dared by some small group of  fringes who have not done anything for this country nor for its people but are challenging a nation called “Bharat”.

politics politicians PM, Its Time To Bite The Bullet

“Bharat Tere Tukde Honge” sloganeering from Indian soil, that too from the capital place Delhi, is not from the  students who are threatening this nation but those who are funding them to set this country on fire by challenging the Electoral Democracy, and the Judiciary of this country.

You being the Prime Minister need to take this political situation with serious view since Pakistan has waged a proxy war on India to bleed and break India. It is all the more important that India penalizes JNU Student’s pro Afzal Guru and pro-Pakistan “Revolt” against India from within its boundaries, no less than a war in India, supported by corrupt Congress leaders, Communists leaders and other opposition parties.

manmohan singh PM, Its Time To Bite The Bullet

Congress ruled for a decade led by Sonia Gandhi under Dr Manmohan Singh-like puppet Prime Minister and allowed all the terror outfits like SIMI, IM to flourish on Indian soil for their appeasement of minority politics. Their vote bank politics to prove their “Secular” character and provoking the minority community for electoral dividends is what shamelessly Congress and all its allied partners like Nitish Kumar, Mayawati, Laloo Prasad and Kejriwal have been practicing and today we have inside India, ISI sponsored, funded sleeper cells operating at all levels.

Who is Kanhaiya Kumar? Who is Hardik Patel? How do they become leaders and provoke our youth for “Breaking of India”?? And shameless politicians like Kejriwal, Nitish Kumar, Rahul Gandhi, Sitaram Yechuri, A Raja, with the help of few corrupt media Houses and corrupt journalists, are standing in support of these so called “Intellectual Terrorists” threatening Indian Sovereignty, unity and integrity.

Kanhaiya Kumar azadi speech PM, Its Time To Bite The Bullet

This political conspiracy was hatched by Congress before 2014 National elections when Isharat Jehan alleged Fake encounter was politically used for electoral benefits to polarize votes. It is exposed in the media, now, by no one other than former IB Directors, former Home Secretaries, RAW officials that Congress fabricated, scripted Isharat Jehan Fake encounter against then Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi to “Nail” him and his home Minister Amit Shah. Batla House Encounter, and all other encounter cases were called Fake only to please Muslim community for their votes and Pakistan was helped directly and indirectly to defame “Saffron”. Terror is and has been involved in Samzhota Express Bomb Blasts, Malegaon Bomb Blasts when the US intelligence inputs were contrary pointing finger at LeT and Pak sponsored terrorists who carried out these bomb blasts with the help of local sleeper cells.
batla house fake encounter PM, Its Time To Bite The Bullet
Who allowed these Terrorist Sleeper Cells to grow on Indian soil ? Who funded them and supported them to grow? Who called Ishrat Jehan “Bihar Ki Beti”? Who is running Ambulance services on Ishrat Jehan name? Who told US dignitary that more than LeT we are worried about Hindu Terror? Who had sleepless nights on Batala house encounter?

Dear Prime Minister…. Today things have gone too far when we are reading letters with disgust and anguish written by some Ex soldiers questioning why are we at 20,000 ft, in minus 45 degree temperature  fighting with our enemy and our young brave heart Soldiers giving their lives?? Some of them are rightly feeling disgusted with the gutter politics of JNU students and more outraged by the support given to Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid like Traitors who are shouting slogans saying “Bharat Tere Tukde Honge” ???? Kashmir Ki Azaadi Tak Jang Rahegi”??? Kitne Afzal Maronge, Har Ghar Se Afzal niklega”???

This politics against India by Indian media, Indian politicians, Human Right Activists is all watched by the Jawans and their families who lost their dear ones, near ones and loved once while fighting with Pak sponsored Terrorists, Maoists, Naxalites. They have given their precious lives for the country they loved. But when their families are watching anti India traitors like Kanhaiya Kumar, Hardik Patel or their supporters like Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi and Sitaram Yechuri, many of them have come on TV channels and expressed their outrage and disgust to this nation.
kejriwal1 PM, Its Time To Bite The Bullet
It is a Cancer. It has spread and allowed to spread by corrupt political class. The political leaders seen in this shameless “Anti India Movement” are many, supporting Kanhaiya Kumar and Kejriwal like anarchists who do not believe in our judiciary, Electoral Democracy, Democratic institutions and they are supported and funded by some insiders and outsiders to destabilize India.

The judge while giving “Conditional Bail” to Kanhaiya Kumar rightly observed, without mincing the words and by refusing to call his crime insignificant, wrote….

Justice Rani released Kanhaiya Kumar on interim bail for six months, calling it a conservative method of treatment for an “infection” which spread in a limb.

Having said this, however, Rani added that raising anti-national slogans do have the effect of threatening national integrity. The kind of slogans raised may have demoralizing effect on the family of those martyrs who returned home in a coffin draped in the tricolor, she observed.

It also carries a serious warning to others, to construe it as a licence of sorts. If the infection results in infecting the limb to the extent that it becomes gangrene, amputation is the only treatment, she warns.

The judge clearly warns of this as a Cancerous growth which can spread all over the body and can be more deadly for the physical health and the very survival of life.

Dear Prime Minister….

We do not want you to function the way Congress did in its actions to please one community for vote bank politics. Because, Muslims of this country are faithful and loyal to this country and the tricolor. They are patriotic and nobody needs to doubt their patriotism nor their nationalistic character towards their country India. They all are Indian citizens as proud of their country as others are. They hate communal politics played by Congress and the opposition parties who use them, misuse them and abuse them as vote banks. They know this well.
communal PM, Its Time To Bite The Bullet
You must have observed, you have been the political target of your political opponents for political assassination for very long. But this game to “Eliminate” you from politics is going too far when we saw senior congress leaders Mani Shankar Aiyar, and Salman Khurshid asking Pakistani leaders to topple Modi government and bring back Congress.

It is on record, and the video is in the public domain showing these two Congressmen sharing dais with Parvez Musharaf who publicly says Hafeez Saeed and Massod Azar like terrorists who are Bleeding India are their heroes.

This game by the fan club of Afzal Guru, Yaqub Memon, Isharat Jehan, is going too far which is being promoted by anti India Human Right Activists like Arundhati Roy, or others who are openly supporting the Kashmir Seperatists, who want Kashmir liberated from India, who are demanding Kerala, Asaam and West Bengal to be seen as independent countries are all misusing and abusing their “Liberty to Free Speech” and preparing their ground for the “Revolt against Sovereign Republic of India..
memon afzal PM, Its Time To Bite The Bullet
Kanhaiya Kumar is only a “Pawn” in their politics but corrupt NGOs and corrupt Human Right Activists,and the corrupt media which is funded by some unknown foreign players to destroy India must NOW be booked for the act of Sedition and committing “Treason” against this country.

Please Dear Prime minister… Do Not keep these poisonous snakes in our backyard who will not let you and the nation live peacefully, sleep peacefully and if not today, one day will succeed in their political designs to eliminate you and in Destroy this country.

“Bharat Teri Barbadi Tak Jang Ladhenge, Jang Karenge is what they vow?

If you,as Prime Minister,under the Constitutional oath, fail to stop this spread of infectious disease, you will be failing in your constitutional duty to protect this country from the “unseen enemy” playing with your nerves from inside the house. We can see them, their anti national designs and their “Camouflaged” anti Indian activities.

Your Political Blunder can cost this country hugely. Recognize our enemy and like Winston Churchill said..

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

Don’t buckle under the pressures of your political opponents and your enemy. That is exactly what they want. “To intimidate you and force you to stray from your political goals, for what People voted you for… that is Economic Development and Progress to make India economically, industrially, culturally and politically strong in the world.

We know… under your leadership… India can. We expect you to show the nation your political courage in taking the bitter pill for stopping the spread of deadly disease called “Treason against the Country”
kejriwal modi PM, Its Time To Bite The Bullet
Its time to bite the Bullet. However, If you don’t, people will call you political coward, politically motivated and manipulative, worst than your political opponents. Think about it. The Nation wants you to ACT and ACT FAST, even if you have to go in for “Amputation” as the High Court judge rightly expressed.

The Nation is watching your leadership courage and your political conscience. Do not fail in serving this great country and do not betray the confidence of the people.

By Ajay Angre

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