The development, peace, welfare reforms in social life will not accomplish till the menace of police, in the mind of general public is not washed out

India is now an independent country, but the police systems ( rules & laws) continue working as applied by the British to crush Indians who protested, and/or opposed English rules. After independence politicians and bureaucrats due to selfishness did not change old rules and laws of police administration. Even today, police can trap or prosecute someone in any false or illegal case at will. In the natural law of humanity the police is for the protection, security and help of the public.

indian police Police Reforms

After the freedom of India, Angrej left India and the Indian politician kept same rules and law of Angrej to dominate the public. After 1947 government rulers changed but the old police law is being used by the politicians as a tool against opponents which resulted in the whole system of police administration corrupted and turned into selfishness. So there is too much of misuse of police law over the citizen. The law enforcing agencies in India are taking law in their hands to use it as they wish.

It is not hidden that police is manipulated by political leaders who have misused the power of appointments and transfers to patronize weak or corrupt officers for their own selfish purposes at the cost of public interest. All politicians appoint wrong person for the highest jobs or post as they are willing to carry out the dictate and wishes of theirs political masters for their survival. The main work of the leaders is for the interference, appointment, transfers, rewards and punishments. In the police station, corruption includes bribery or exchange of money is ubiquitous between the police and wrong-doer.

It is the main cause of crime which may range from brutality, fake encounters, sexual Harassment, custodial crimes and illicit use of weapons in connivance with miscreants and mafias. Police corruption is the misuse of police authority for personal gain for example demanding money for not writing against culprit and get bribery in exchange for not enforcing the law. Since corruption involves criminal behavior, prosecution of corrupt police officers is possible only on develop cases, however, they often do not want to miss any chance to collect money from prosecutor.

We live in a country which has a government of law or a government of men, the chief of police that it was his responsibility, to enforce the law, not to question its desirability or the appropriateness of its applicability, in a particular situation. Police corruption is the misuse of police authority for personal gain. Personal gain can mean monetary payment or other type of benefit. Police corruption hurts both law enforcement and the community. All scandals damage the police’s public image and undermine a community’s trust of law enforcement.

indian police system Police Reforms

Crime flourishes in these communities, because criminal activity is protected rather than abated. As a result the protected criminal activities often contribute to organized crime rings. This is because the protected criminal activities become lucrative source of income
for all involved.

In fact, the mere easy access to large sums of money seems to be the largest contributing factor to police corruption. This type of corruption is not new it was wide-spread officers had access to large amount of unaccounted for cash from criminal.  The Theory says that most corruption stems from just a number of dishonest or unethical officers.

In other words, entire units of police departments might be branded as a corrupt due to the actions of just a handful of officers. With the present day situation worsening, the basic Rights to life granted under article 21 of the Constitution is being denied. Cases of fake encounters, rising g death toll in the prisons and unnecessary delay in investigation makes one feel insecure and vulnerable.

A sub-inspector reportedly compelled the family of a man who had committed suicide to pay a bribe for the release of his dead body, in another case a police officer was penalized for extorting money from a trader by threatening to implicate him in a murder case. Such incidents make it like a commercial transaction. The general public loses trust in the department by such incidents and leads to believe that everything can be done if one is in position to talk in terms of money or power with the police officials. Efforts for curbing this wide-spread social evil, called corruption have to come from both the police and the civil society.

Society members should be educated about the negative affects of corruption within the police force and its long terms disadvantages or controlling corruption the police department requires an organization led by people of strong character and who have good leadership
qualities. The departmental goal should be pursued earnestly.

Police is the main power in modern civilization to maintain social security and help the public but the power of the  police is under the control of politicians, as a result all types of leaders, society president put pressure on the police for legal and illegal work. In the election time all
political parties obtain help from all goons and criminal person to win election in this reciprocal system leaders and criminal help each others. On other hands the lackadaisical behavior of police has increased the incidents of chain snatching, robbery, dacoits, murder and molestation it is only happening due to the support to criminals by politicians.

The police department must be separate from the interference of government agencies and politician. Police do not investigate regular all criminal who released on bail from prison and it is the main reason they commit violence and crime again in the same or different areas. There is more urgent need to address a basic issue, like improving the working condition of the police persons. As long as a majority of citizens are willing to go along with corrupt police officers, mainly for the rea son to obtain favors there is no way in which corruption can be curbed. For making the country cleaner and corruption free for the future generation it is necessary to put a serious effort now.

women police ludiana punjab Police Reforms

The issue of corruption has led Indians to re-evaluate what the state really means to them. What is its role? How far are its agents accountable, and to what extent does it protect civic and democratic rights? Such questions reflect back on the colonial past. Unless our officials are not honest, let India buy any sophisticated technology to control crimes, that technology will be helping those criminals who need that technology. CCTV cameras, uniform, cars, technology are reactive technologies.

We need proactive technologies to control the bad lawyers first who jump to take up criminal
cases for hefty remuneration. Some officials get the appointment to help the prosecutor from back doors which is known to family members or relatives of leaders.

Decriminalization would contribute significantly to improving the police corruption problem. The investigator of police personnel must be learned and qualified of law. It is the need of time to change the working of police and power of elected politician minister to transfer the police officer is not in the favor of fair an d impartial investigation. All type of interference by leaders and government in the investigation of police must be banned.

Lastly the pressure groups, politician, and self-proclaimed leader’s interference in the police working is harmful it plays middle men’s role in settling the case and exaggerate the corruption. Just like Angrej our officers, politicians, minister have also 24 hours police security for show off, common men think the police is for the security of VVIP not for the service provider to public. The development, peace, welfare reforms in social life, human rights will not accomplish till the menace of police in the mind of general public is not washed out and police have to prove themselves that they are helper and security guards of general public, helpless and victim of crime.

I request your kind honour to consider and enact rules to make the police of nation corruption free by providing drastic punishments to corrupt and protect the honest police officers who are dedicated to honesty and patriotism and killed by Mafias protected by the politicians and their
financers through the illegal money generated through corruption and political connivance by banning the visit or telephone calls to the police stations/officers punishable under the act which is the root cause of corruption as well as stringent punishment to corrupt police personals & officers to make the police department people’s friendly as in developed
countries l ike UK, Australia, UK and USA etc.

By: Paul Sharma Adocate

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