It is high time that our leaders and politicians put an end to “holier than thou “ attitude and rather concentrate on solving the existing problems of India.

There is new clamour in the TV media on Mr Rahul Gandhi, Cong VP being summoned by SC on his remarks on the political organisation RSS some two years ago. The case had been filed by an RSS sympathiser. TV channels have been taking sides with either of the parties stating their views, one section defending stoutly his remarks and the other defending their party stand . The issue is on the political assassination on Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi by a politically charged person Mr Godse more than 7 decades back. Since our top court is involved in this matter I would suggest that everybody needs to wait till such time and not give pre-emptive judgments.


There are been many assassinations in history prior to this and later also the world over. Most of these misdeeds have gone into history and a few people remember them only on their anniversary or centenary . The assassination of Gandhiji has been made a political issue by many parties in India for their ulterior motives from time to time. While I do not condone this gruesome act, the situation at those prevailing point of time needs to be looked into.


In the 40s óur country had been going thru turmoil due to Partition of India on religious lines and between two main parties holding different ideologies. Many of the then Hindu sects were of the view that Gandhiji had been unduly ignoring the majority Hindus by listening and favouring undue benefits to the Muslims who were in India at that point of time. So much that Gandhiji even preferred to stay in Naokali where some trouble in Muslim locality was experienced and not attending to Independence of New India. This was a highly charged atmosphere. One person namely Godse along with his brother got so radicalised that he began contemplating on the assassination of the leader since he differed with the approach of our great leader. It is immaterial as to whether he was in alliance with RSS or left the party years back . RSS did not favour killing of any leader even though they were against Gandhiji in principle. Godse did so after paying his due respect to the Father of the Nation. This was indeed a sad period for the blame fell upon the Hindu majority or on its connected organisations . The matter has also been kept alive for decades by some parties for their own advantage and repeatedly harp on this incident.


We must understand this was a political assassination due to ideology difference and not a planned murder of some individual. While we are sad that such an incident had indeed taken place in our country, it is no use to keep this matter alive as sufficient actions post have been taken on this matter. Thereafter three or more cases of political assassination have taken place namely that of Mrs Gandhi and her son Rajiv Gandhi. Also some Sikh ex CM also has been killed by some disgruntled Sikh persons. While nobody has blamed the entire Sikh community for Indiraji murder and the entire Tamil people for murder of Rajivji, there is always an indirect reference to the majority community in one way or the other for the Gandhiji episode. It is also to be seen that the Congress party which has eulogised Gandhiji for their convenience has a long alliance with the DMK which had all along been supporting the LTTTE cadre which killed our exPM. These sad incidents are carefully avoided in any mentions.


Similarly our neighbouring countries have also experienced political assassination. Names such as Zia, Bhuttos, Sheikh Mujibur and his entire family except the present PM, Mr and Mrs Bandarnaike. None of these countries keep on harping on the past and are trying to move away from these thoughts. Only in India selective amnesia practised by politicians for selfish ends to out-rival other parties.


It is high time that our leaders and politicans put an end to “holier than thou “ attitude and rather concentrate on solving the existing problems which are faced in India. Lack of education, Poverty , communal tensions, Dalit atrocities, caste prejudices, rapes, murder of innocents, incest, unnecessary slanders, corruption , cyber crimes are the issues which our leaders should concentrate upon instead of harping on the sensitive issues as mentioned . We are in the 21 st century and the leaders should concentrate on India’s development and progress.

By Narayan Krishna

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