Why the graph of criminalization and political corruption is never descending in J&K? Who is to be blamed – The Politicians, state or the people?

Conflict and corruption are taken synonymous to Jammu & Kashmir nowadays. The state has to its credit the title of being one of the most corrupt states of India. The campaign to make the valley, the so called “Rishi Waer” (the land of the Rishis or Pirs), touch new heights in the field of political corruption – is believed to have been started way back in 70’s when Sheikh Abdullah re-assumed the power.

Lal Kitab (Red Book), a booklet published during 1980’s, highlighted some of the severe acts of corruption committed by the Sheikh dynasty. It was alleged that he allotted the highly priced Govt land illegally to his family and relatives at Gupkar after returning to power in 1975. The former governor of the state Jagmohan went on to say that that political corruption acquired new fangs and depths in Kashmir after 1977.  

Corruption Politics India Political Corruption in Jammu & Kashmir!

Well! If this is the story, why to blame the current stalwarts of corruption in the state? The common saying, “Sins aren’t inherited” will not apply to the legalised corruption as it is not a sin! And if any Tom, Harry and Dick like the former army General of the country raise allegations and disclose the stunning facets of political corruption operating within the state, why should the state administration take the action?

They don’t take him serious as he is a child who can scream foul anytime, unrevoked! Or, he dislikes the Kashmiri politicians personally. Both the reasons are non-plausible……so?? They couldn’t take the action as it would’ve stained the character of their own ministers. This is petty politics at its worst.

 One finds nothing to wonder when he observes the graph of criminalisation and corruption in politics never descending. This is attributed to the state’s inability to take action against the tainted. For instance, if an education minister is caught into a controversy and found guilty of paying bribe to facilitate the success of his son who didn’t sit in the examination. And if he isn’t deprived of the power, what will follow? The corrupt politicians become more committed to malign this cancer to more parts, more fields, with more strength and for more time.

indian politics Political Corruption in Jammu & Kashmir!

In order to distract the public and to show them they are against corruption, they suggest the guilty to resign. A few days after the resignation, finding the public unmindful, they recall the tainted minister and give him the new portfolio. Thereafter, the acts of corruption are done in a cautious way with meager chances of getting exposed and this is the stage where this royal sin stagnates.

There are too many examples from other political parties as well. The leaders are leading from the front. The need of the hour is to quash the corrupt  for ever. We have at our disposal the Right to Information (RTI), but the problem is that it can only expose. The action was supposed to be taken by the government, but that’s comprised of the politicians and therefore compromised.

Political Corruption Political Corruption in Jammu & Kashmir!


We could change this worst case scenario by the franchise but the problem is that of the alternative. Is there any party on which you can depend to take you to the corruption-free state? The elections are nearing and we have to decide it and think hundred times before clicking any sign on the EVM.

Let’s all pledge not to support the corrupt representatives anymore.

By: Aarif Qadir 

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