With the craziest Lok Sabha 2014 elections just around the corner, here are the real meanings of a few of the words of the political lexicon thrown about these days.

India is witnessing the most unimaginable and inconceivable political upheaval ever. With so called ‘exit polls’ and surveys failing miserably in recent past, and scams being unearthed everywhere, it is definitely the rise of a revolution, the time of ‘change’. As the advent of the ‘Kalki’ avatar of Lord Vishnu has been prophesied to happen at a time when unscrupulousness reaches its peak and miscreants rule the world, the political scene of India is also witnessing something similar (I am trying my best to be as unbiased as I can). Nevertheless, this article is not about the rise and fall of Indian politics or to portend who will win and who will lose, because there are loads of senseless expert panels and “biggest” surveys of India running on television all through the day already.

I have hereby, tried to compile a list of words and phrases that have been the highlight during this election season, with a tinge of humour and twist. Disclaimer: This post is to be read with an open mindset and courage to accept humour (which lacks in our country).

  1. Agent – This summer everybody is an agent of everybody. The media channels, the BJP’s Prime ministerial candidate, Sheila Dixit, her dog, my maid, the cute girl next door, simply everybody is an ‘Ambani agent’. But when it comes to Narendra Modi, this man cannot let it go without a rebuttal. So he went overboard and declared Arvind Kejriwal, an agent of none other than Pakistan (On your Face, AK!), who by the way, is also the supposed agent of CIA. Anyways, this agent web is a little confusing and meanwhile, Agent Vinod is still confused and searching for a place to hide his face.
  2. Paid Media – One of those terms which went on to become a trending hashtag on Twitter is #PaidMedia. With every news channel trying to defame one politician and going gaga over the other, they were definitely working on an ‘agenda’ (another much hyped term, by the way). However, this one gets a little serious in a country where media was considered to be the fourth pillar of our constitution. However, it is no rocket science to decipher that something is definitely suspicious. So once and for all, I burst the bubble – media is no more the pious fourth pillar, social media might actually be, because it does encourage free speech, an open mindset and a platform where “#AKinGujarat” and “#ModiWave” can trend at the same time! Reframing a famous quote – ‘Social Media can make a man or mar a man’!
  3. Hawa (Wave) – I had always known a wave to be quite simply a tide at Juhu Beach. But this election season got known for a different wave altogether. With Narendra Modi throwing in thousands of crores to create this wave in his favour, Rahul Gandhi wasted Rs. 500 crores unsuccessfully trying to create that wave. I would only say, if there is really a ‘hawa’ of Narendra Modi, ye hawa hi kahi aapko uda na de…
  4. Empowerment – Yes, the word that Rahul Gandhi used 500,00,000 times in his massively failed interview with Arnab Goswami – empowerment has become the summed up manifesto for all political parties. From tribal population to the backward classes, from women to youth, everybody will be empowered when a particular party wins. It sounds as if voting for a party will empower us into some super-human form overnight post elections.
  5. Anarchy – With dictatorial ways of Narendra Modi to highly decentralized means of governance of Arvind Kejriwal, both are supposed to be spreading anarchy in the country. When AK is termed as an anarchist by BJP, it sounds like a troll coming from a party which faces anarchy in its own working to the highest extent. Jinke ghar sheeshe ke hote hai, wo dusro pe pathhar nahi feka karte…
  6. Gujarat Model of Development – Last, but of course the centre point of this Lok Sabha election- The Gujarat Model of development. Narendra Modi has tried his best, putting everything on stake trying to advertise his so called model in the whole country, whereas Arvind Kejriwal has busted the whole hoax of this model. Who is right and who is wrong – I will leave that for you to Google and find out, so that you can make an informed decision based on facts.

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This is the moment of exercising the only power that Indian Constitution gives you, the time to feel proud of your finger, the time to realize how one person can be a part of revolution. Bring the Change, be the Change and take an informed decision, breaking the barriers of caste, creed, gender and the family pressure of voting a particular person. It’s time to choose!

By Pawas Jain

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