‘Politically positive’ has become a paradox in Indian political system. It is because in India, politics and positivity are now opposites of each other.

Politically positive has become a paradox in Indian political system. It is because in India politics and positivity have become opposites of each other and one can easily comprehend this after listening to our politicians’ hate speeches or statements of vengeance during the Lok Sabha elections of 2014. That showed us the level our Indian politics. Whether it has gone high or low in its standards is to be judged by whom?

Why isn’t there anyone to talk about their own faults and not the other’s faults? They will score distinction even if they only talk about their achievements sans their faults. The politicians appear on TV channels just to condemn their opponents. When the government changes, the new government talks about its failures and criticizes its every action.

indian politicians play blame game Politically Positive : A Paradox in Indian Political System!

By all means it tries to prove them wrong and brings changes in the past policies without realising the fact that the actual sufferers of their war of ideologies are common people and not the past government. We stand confused seeing that what was once taken as an advantageous measure by the former government has suddenly become a waste of public resources. Whom to trust?

The state of confusion remains as every political party seems to be working for their own selfish gains which reflects in the policy changes by the new government. It continues to trouble us for five years because our apprehension would be that after five years, this all will change again . The story does not end here.

Today, India is seeing the worst form of politics. Political parties want to win votes on the basis of caste, communalism and moral conduct. Progress agenda is just an eyewash. If one party talks about communalism, the other party reinforces the ideology with its baseless arguments.

What they fail to understand is the fact that by merely taking the names of castes or religions with an intention to pull down other parties they become more communal than others. They are pseudo secularists who also try to polarise the voters.

secular eid congress bjp Politically Positive : A Paradox in Indian Political System!

Each party is howling to seek power. The regional parties, in the race of national politics have forgotten their own roots. National parties have forgotten their own ideologies. Mudslinging may sound mundane but that has become the political mantra during these days. It  does not stop here, this negativity has trickled down to common people.

I find people strongly criticising the politicians whom they don’t like. It seems like people don’t know who they like the most, but they definitely know who they hate the most. Wars have always been fought between two groups, be it countries or states or tribes. But election is no war. Its   an expression of our freedom to choose our own leader. We could be competitors but not enemies. But alas! We have made it into a fight. Media has also played a significant role in developing this negativity. Followers and supporters of each political party seem to be waging a war against each other. It is not healthy competition but ugly fight.

What once was a boon for human civilization has become a curse for us. 24*7 news channels and their struggle for TRPs have created space for unnecessary discussions on petty statements and issues. Political leaders are instigated, probed and incited in such a manner that they tend to utter negative statements which in turn take the shape of vengeance. Any silly statement is analysed seriously by experts, analysts, media people and politician. This is the degradation of our intellect power. 

arnab goswami memes Politically Positive : A Paradox in Indian Political System!

We wonder that for them one’s wife and the other’s ladylove are more grave issues of concern than the terrorist attacks and lives of our Indian soldiers. Some analysts, activists and journalists have become politicians due to which we see the dearth of watchdogs in our society. We thought that people’s ideology will work better than any political ideology as we need peace, growth and harmony and not the hate speeches or time wasting debates.

But even this will not be fruitful as the people’s ideology also gets converted into a political ideology. Inspite of all this we must not leave the hope and wait for the days when this acrimony will fade and when “Politically Positive” will not be a paradox in Indian political system. 

By: Richa Yadav

Image Source: Politically Positive

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