Our country’s apathy will continue unchanged unless responsible citizens do not wake up and come forward to counter all anti-social / anti-national groups.

Our Motherland India is a wonderful country in the World. In spite of several diversities, we are a strong nation. Many of our citizens are very good human beings, God fearing, educated, honest, sincere and hardworking. Closely knitted family system is our social strength. Multi talents of Indians is well recognized and respected world-over. Considering the abundant potential our country people possess, we should have progressed a lot. But, unfortunately, we are lagging behind China, in many fields. As per the latest UN Human Development Index, India occupies 130th position while China is far ahead with 90th position. 

ayodhya mandir ram Politicians Fool Around. Better We, Citizens, Wake Up

Like politicians across the Globe, our politicians too are seasonal players. For their narrow political ends they do anything  compelled by circumstances. They don’t mind joining hands with religious leaders or even with their staunch political opponents. They comfortably polarize voters in the name of caste, region, language or religion. This policy is being successfully followed since the past 68 years by both National and regional parties.

During the last Lok Sabha elections, BJP had carefully avoided “Ram Mandir Issue”, instead they focused on Development Mantra.  Having miserably failed on “Development Mantra”. BJP once again has re-kindled its most favorite subject “Construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya”. Dr. Subramaniyam Swamy had even announced that Allahabad High Court will deliver it’s judgment by August 2016 and construction of Ram Mandir will start by December 2016. It looks as though, BJP has hijacked RAM MANDIR issue for its own political dividends. Innocent  citizens unaware of BJP’s political gimmicks, blindly trusted them, voted them to power unsuspectingly and with good hopes of development.

Our politicians have a history of whipping up communal passions and comfortably winning elections. The same tactic is being planned even now, in order to win the forthcoming assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, UP and West Bengal. While CONGRESS was ruling, BJP used to embarrass them inside and outside parliament, now Congress is re-enacting the same. During previous parliamentary session around 50% of working hours of both houses was lost. Who was the real looser? Certainly the citizens of this country, who pay for it.

India Politics Business Politicians Fool Around. Better We, Citizens, Wake Up

Every responsible citizen of this country is duty bound to think very seriously,  how long this will continue? It looks as though we have pledged our country’s management to political parties. We are helplessly tolerating our politicians sometimes cursing our fate. Of course, it’s an undeniable fact that streamlining our political structure is a day dream. Highly deplorable is our negative preclusion that there is no remedy at all. Our politicians are enjoying only because many responsible citizens of this country are comfortably sleeping. For most of us, politics is a dirty subject, hence we prefer to remain aloof. What we fail to understand is, our indifference is disastrous for the whole nation.

chennai floods Politicians Fool Around. Better We, Citizens, Wake Up

During Chennai floods, almost every section of the Indian society both living in India and abroad, actively participated and contributed.  Even at that crucial hour of national calamity, the ruling party members forcibly fixed Jayalalitha stickers on relief material supplied by ordinary philanthropists. Very shameful and inhuman was the goonda-ism enacted by ruling party members even in such a tragic situation. Ruling party members threatened and even physically assaulted relief team members from outside Tamil Nadu. Talking pro-public and behaving anti-public has become the order of the day in our country. Politicians have become bosses of their own and unquestionable super citizens. This is totally against the basic tenets of democracy. Still it’s going on because people are unaware of their individual sovereignty status. Immediately after winning elections, citizens are stripped of their democratic sovereignty for the next five years. Perhaps, this could be a token of gratitude from ruling party.

Many a times we can hear people talking about violation of fundamental rights but it’s rare to find people discussing about fundamental duties as enshrined under Article 51-A of Indian Constitution. Whenever there is theft in our society, we normally approach police but if police commit theft whom shall we approach?

Ordinary countrymen are the most law abiding citizens of this country. In contrast, we can find law breakers among lawmakers. Similarly, ordinary citizens are the honest tax payers while people with political links continue to be tax evaders. Sadly, we get attracted towards our politicians’ emotional speeches as if they are the true nationalists or our real saviors. Any politician presenting emotional issues is actually trying to fool his own masses and make political capital but we fail to understand this harsh reality.

politics politicians Politicians Fool Around. Better We, Citizens, Wake Up

Our country’s apathy will continue unchanged unless responsible citizens do not wake up and come forward to counter all anti-social / anti-national groups. Whenever few enthusiastic individuals or groups come forward, other citizens should support and encourage them.

My only earnest appeal, wake up citizens before it’s too late. We have a national duty to carry forward the pride of our motherland in the International Arena. This is the least contribution, which I am sure every responsible citizen, of my motherland can afford for the nation if we really love INDIA.   Jai Hind!!!

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