It is believed that if you can’t be good, be clever. And if you can’t be clever, be lucky. Luck plays some part in the good life.

Definitely, it also helps to be lucky. And when the truth comes from the horse’s mouth, it piquant, interesting and fascinating – worth analyzing.

It is believed that if you can’t be good, be clever. And if you can’t be clever, be lucky. Luck plays some part in the good life.

Modi luck by chance Politicians And Luck By Chance...

So, when Modi Ji said “I am from the original Dwarka.” He is referring Dwarka of Gujarat, if you any doubt). “But now I am a Delhi resident.” I’m sure he is also including the period of his frequent foreign trips. Then comes the final enlightenment  –  “Haven’t prices of petrol and diesel come down? Have you not been saving more?… My critics say Modi is lucky… If my good luck can bring down prices of petrol, diesel and save you money, then why bring in the unlucky ones?”

By definition, luck is something that benefits or hurts us by chance alone. Luck has nothing to do with our choices or effort—luck is accidental. When we meet good luck: we correctly use the word to describe positive situations in which we benefit by pure chance. I’m lucky if I were to slog from Hyde Park towards Bays Water Casino and put a Euro into slot and win a big jackpot bonus. Hooh hoo hah that day and some weeks! When we are truly benefiting from occurrences that were completely out of our control – we are lucky. Conversely, bad luck suggests negative situations that harm us by pure chance.

We use the word luck to avoid taking responsibility for our choices. We do this in situations or around people that remind us of a truth about ourselves that we do not want to admit.

One wonders if this kind of salacious statement of felicity behooves to a Prime Minister of the biggest democracy upon earth.

Luck is never above than honest work, sincerity and integrity. Luck has the very darker sides also. Luck is also involved in getting caught (or not) for wrongdoing. Consider the issue of student cheating in exams. In UP and Bihar and as in many other states, the examines confess, after exams of having cheated at least once. But very few actually get caught. To get caught cheating is a matter of bad luck.

Here is the story of two gentlemen – one lucky and another unlucky. Anthony David Weiner is an American politician and former U.S. representative who served New York’s 9 the congressional district from January 1999 until June 2011. He was a member of the Democratic Party who had won seven terms, never receiving less than 59% of the vote. He had to resign in June 2011 after being caught in a ‘sexting scandal.’

On May 27, 2011, he had sent a link to a sexually suggestive photograph of himself via his public Twitter account to an adult woman who was his follower on Twitter. Initially, he denied any wrong doing for days and finally he admitted he had “exchanged messages and photos of an explicit nature with about six women over the last three years”. He apologized for his earlier denials.  A second scandal began on July 23, 2013, several months after Weiner returned to politics in the New York City mayoral race. Explicit photos were allegedly sent under the alias “Carlos Danger” to a 22-year-old woman with whom Weiner had contact as late as April 2013, more than a year after Weiner had left Congress. Weiner’s electronic dalliances were discovered while he was still in office.  He was unlucky – he was caught.

arnold schwarzenegger  Politicians And Luck By Chance...

Arnold Schwarzenegger was a lucky man. He is an Austrian -born American actor, producer, activist, businessman, investor, writer, philanthropist, former professional bodybuilder, and politician. He had served two terms as the 38 th Governer of California from 2003 until 2011. He had admitted to using performance-enhancing ‘Anabolic Steroids’ while they were legal.

According to his own admission in 1977, “steroids were helpful to me in maintaining muscle size while on a strict diet in preparation for a contest. I did not use them for muscle growth, but rather for muscle maintenance when cutting up.” It was a matter of luck that his illicit affair was not discovered until after he completed his term as governor. Schwarzenegger was lucky to serve his term without scandal, while Weiner is not so fortunate. Can we say that Schwarzenegger was more clever at cheating than Weiner?

A cynic would love to argue that the key to academic success is to learn to cheat well and not get caught.

The key to living well with success is to cultivate virtue and to learn to rise above the vicissitudes of fortune. In the long run, cheaters are usually exposed.

By: Naim Naqvi

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