The Indian Political system witnesses individuals beyond the age of eighty continuing to contest. For the sake of efficiency in governance does it not make sense to bring to the table an appropriate age of retirement?

“Threescore and ten I can remember well: Within the volume of which time I have seen. Hours dreadful and things strange; but this sore night Hath trifled former knowings.” Shakespeare in Macbeth.

I have crossed that significant landmark of age. And like the bard, I have seen dreadful and strange things in our land as I have been older than our independent republic. I am in retirement now and the people who have brought me to this stage of genteel poverty are all flourishing. The politicians and the bureaucrats and the glorious tax payer funded people with their pensions and privileges are  laughing at the conditions of people like me who have funded their current life styles. The vast majority of this country however are people who are younger than my son who is now 43. They will have to support the ever growing sixty plus tax payer funded population of this country, which will of course exclude people like me who have to depend on their own or their children’s savings to just exist.

I have had a fruitful life and did contribute in some measure to our country’s progress for what it is worth and now that I am over 65, I cannot find remunerative engagement. On the other hand, if you see the list of candidates for the forthcoming elections, you will find many stalwarts who will decide on my fate if they get elected. To me, dependent as I am on my 43 year old son, it makes eminent sense that all politicians and babus too must retire when they are 65. What can they bring to our country in this rapidly changing world? Should not the younger generations who will be managing the future be handling our politics and government as well? I therefore go a step further than Jairam Ramesh  and suggest that retirement age should be 65 years.

By Ramana Rajgopaul

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