The good thing about these elections is how increasingly political and substantial they are becoming, the downside being so many promises and policies just confuse the voters.

The countdown to the biggest dance of democracy on this planet has begun, as the election commission announced the dates for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls in six spells, one is forced to conclude the outcome of such a humongous exercise. The election Slugfest can cause a degree of heart attacks and other consequential damages to the want-to-be Member of Parliament(s).  The Indian electorate has truly woken up from the slumber and will cast his vote on the basis of the promises which were not fulfilled. The truthfulness of his/her election manifesto will be weighed on merit of his past and not only hollow speeches and false promises.

Indian Elections BBC Election train The Politicization of Indian Elections

A major silver lining in this electioneering cloud would be looking at the political fortunes of some of the most ‘talked about’ candidates from political parties such as Bhartiya Janta Party, the erstwhile Congress and the new entrant Aam Aadmi Party. Amongst all the political rhetoric the AAP has been severely down casted by almost all the media channels, owing to its allegiance for ‘Running Away’ from the Delhi Assembly; the political opponents have casted away this new breed of political concurrence. In spite of the hoopla and the pompous anti-advertisement of the this political novice party by the ‘Political Stalwarts’ like Modi or Rahul Gandhi, AAP has risen to the occasion to make the electoral awareness through its social media and print and advertisement campaign as to what it wants to achieve by jumping the bandwagon of electioneering.

Elections is not only a complex process of voting through various hegemonies of cast, creed and various socio political demography’s, it also implies a decisive code of conduct through which all the political parties have to demarcate its position as to what they intend to do or not do, if given a chance to come to power and display its propensities. No wonder then almost all the main political parties, be it the BJP, AAP or Congress have made out their election manifesto in line with the  socio-economic and demographic mood of the electorate. This elections season will be a close contested electoral battle between ideologies of various political dynasties. What we are seeing is a tumultuous opportunism to win a pristine seat of power through hook or crook by promising the electorate a trip to moon or elsewhere. Under all this political rhetoric, the election commission of India has become a cynosure of all eyes, with the two political big wicks reporting the ‘flaws of campaigning’ by each other opponents to the commission for its proper espousal. Not to mention the verbose speeches we have to listen from the mouth of the most entrenched of the leaders who are aiming to be the prime minister of world’s largest democracy; the ‘Zeher ki kheti’ to ‘Shahzada’ and ‘Khooni Panga’ remark has been quite well glorified in the scheme of things.

A visible downfall of all this political hoopla has been that though the Indian voter has become more aware of his voting rights, he/she has become equally confused. For the 10 million plus new voters’ joining the electoral foray, the choice of candidates will be shrouded by the quirky election campaigns by various political parties. The enigma of ‘Youthful Representation’ of political candidacy will bear the test of time from the Indian electorate, which has been rendered stymied by false dance of political democracy.

But come what may, in close to a months’ time we will see the face of the new ‘demographic boss’ of this nation, called the Prime Minister of India. Till then lets cheer the awakening of the snooze and slumber of the Indian voter, who has givenall this political chimera a tangible look where we can all see a political future of ourselves if not the betterment of our nation’s fortune.

By Sanjeev Jaggi

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