The economy is depreciating, inflation is at an all time high, onions cost more than petrol which in itself is expensive, education is abysmal, poverty is rampant (as is corruption). Yet, all we care about is politics and politicians and who the next PM will be.

The next Parliamentary election is scheduled to be held in May 2014. This is a reminder for all the newspapers and media houses which have brought the house down by creating a boxing-clash set up between Narendra Modi and Rahul GandhiAs we all know, these two are the prime successors for the post of the Prime Minister, but time and again the battle between the powerhouses of the two most prominent parties is shoved excessively in our faces.

The Obsession

Newspapers, television, even; everywhere there are just programs and articles about these two. All I can see is personal views and opinions of bloggers, analysts, politicians, even a Nobel Prize laureate sharing his thoughts about them. Are these politicians the only thing we can talk about? Is India with all its problems not important? The falling value of the Indian Rupee, petrol prices having increased more than INR 25 in over two years, inflation being on an all time peak; then why is it that politics and politicians are hogging the media limelight all the time?


As a writer myself, I know how the media functions, but just turning a blind eye to the gravity of the situation and focusing on ‘Who’ll be the next PM’ is not the most important question for billions of Indians today. Personally, I don’t mind politics taking center stage but not at the expense of India’s economic woes which are currently much more important to the Aam Janta! It might please the few, but leads to a lot of tongue-wagging.

I really don’t remember the last time I saw a piece of article on farmer suicides; where did the whole media hoo-hah go on the incompetence of the Indian Government against corruption?

I know it’s the age of paparazzi and money making journalism; it’s a trending topic today but Politics is a part of the Indian system, not the entire system itself.

What about the Real Heroes?

Indian Army NaMo or RaGa: Is Politics ALL we really care about?

The Indian Army and its soldiers are sacrificing their lives day in and day out for the people but all I can see is a small two line mention on the corner of ‘The Times of India’; does a khadi coat have more value than the blood and honor, the Indian army uniform stands for? Twenty people: six from ITBP, nine from NDRF and five IAF personnel were killed in a helicopter crash near Gaurikund in Uttarakhand while returning after rescuing scores of people to safety. But these men won’t get the status of a ‘martyr’ while trying to save flood victims. Are these men and their lives less valuable than Narendra Modi’s or Rahul Gandhi’s or any other politician’s who sits on his seat and proclaims to be a true Indian?

Overestimation of the Importance of Politics

Politics has been the crux of the Indian system since the dawn of time; the Maharajas to the Mughals to the Gandhian and Nehru era. Politics and politicians have acted as the Alpha humans of the Indian race. But sacrificing the important issues for the sake of glory is not acceptable. A Rahul Gandhi or a Narendra Modi will not change the fortunes of this country. Yes, it is necessary to have a rightful and competent leader but what we need is a correct government. We are not living in a dictatorship where one person calls the shots.


I really don’t know who among them is more deserving or who would be the next Prime Minister. As a common man, I just hope that the media houses and the people running them realize what’s important and what’s not! I would like to know what is more important: Who our next Prime Minister will be or where the Indian Economy would be in the next 5 years?

By Ish Chandok

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Image Source: Indian Army@ Facebook

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