When Kanshi Ram had recommended to construct toilets in Ayodhya, the whole of Sangh Parivar had expressed their anger and hurt feelings

When Kanshi Ram had recommended to construct toilets in Ayodhya, the whole of Sangh Parivar had expressed their anger and hurt feelings. When Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh said, “toilets are more important than temples. No matter how many temples we go to, we are not going to get salvation. We need to give priority to the toilets and cleanliness,” the activists of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and the Bajrang Dal protested outside his residence.

The activists have demanded an apology from him. A complaint was lodged by an alert devout Hindu from Akola, Mr. Dheeraj Raut with City Kotwali Police Station against the anti-Dharma Rural Development Minister, Mr. Jayaram Ramesh demanding to take action against the said Minister. “This senseless Minister has hurt our religious sentiments by making a statement that lavatories are more sacred than temples. Action should be taken against this Minister under sect. 295 (A) and 298 of IPC. Mr. Raut was accompanied by Dr. Ashok Olambe Patil, the city-chief of BJP, Mrs. Chanda Thakur, the President of women’s wing of BJP, Mr. Vijay Ingale, Ajay Sharma, Nandkumar Takore, Hiralal Kruplani, the municipal councilors of BJP, Mr. Harish Bhai Alimchandani, the Opposition leader in Akola Municipality and the President of BJP’s South Committee.

When Naredra Modi declared on Wednesday categorically – “I am known to be a Hindutva leader. My image does not permit to say so, but I dare to say. My real thought is– Pehle shauchalaya, phir devalaya’ (toilets first, temples later),” How amusing is the BJP’s response, a tweeter from Bihar BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi: “Kudos to Namo giving more importance to toilets than places of worship. Vivekanand also said Daridra sewa is Narain seva (serving the poor is serving the god).” Narendra Modi was applauded by 7000 college students in a Delhi stadium. But the Congress puts up the question mark – Did Modi’s BJP not criticize union minister Jairam Ramesh last year for saying much the same thing? That shows the double standards and hypocrisy of RSS. It is using every arrow in its quiver to push NaMo to the centre stage – either by hook or by crook. It had put all the resources to gather a crowd on 5 lakh of Delhites to establish the popularity of Narendra Modi. Buses – free, Metro – free, any transport – free at your disposal, Just please come to listen Modi ji. They could not collect much crowd except the RSS cadres, curious flaneur(strollers) and the purposeless from Japani Park’s neighborhood. Representation of minorities and women were negligible. By all grand optimistic estimates, not more than 3 lakhs attended the rally. No presence of the ordinary Delhi masses.

Narendra Modi Rally Japanese Garden Delhi Politics   From Temples To Toilets

BJP (Bharatiya Janata Patry) Prime Ministerial candidate and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi addressing public at Japanese Park in New Delhi on Sept.29, 2013. (Photo: IANS)

From the national capital, Modi ji landed in the mammoth fiesta of diamond merchants in the economic capital of India – Mumbai. The younger reader could be better informed that Bombay was once the united state of Gujarat and Bombay. A Gujarati Morarji Desai was the chief minister of that state. In those days there was no state of Maharashtra as such. It was firmly ruled by the able administrator Morarji Bhai. Can Narendra Modi today dare to ask to install a statue or Morarji Bhai in Mumbai as a tribute to an ex-Prime Minister of India and Chief Minister of Bombay? Modi represents the interests of capitalists and neo-economic feudal lords of modern India. He has nothing in common with the poor masses except his own tea-stall past. He is for the diamonds and those who own diamonds. He is not for those who are linked with the people of adobe – the sun dried manual brick. Since the inception of civilization, these solid rocks and fine building materials were used to build the palaces and stately houses. The adobe brick was the best friend of poor masses ever since we learned to live inside the walled structures. It had traveled with us and our ancestors for 4000 years. It is made with clay and water. Other organic material such as straw or dung is added to its chemistry. Straw is useful in binding the brick together and allowing the brick to dry evenly. It prevents cracking due to uneven shrinkage rates through the brick. Dung offers the same advantage and is also added to repel insects.

These days, listen to the cacophony of NaMo sycophants mimicking the cries of Modi ! Modi ! Modi ! in cheap American style; enjoy the melodrama and watch with amusement. Narendra Modi has started his journey to the high seat of Pradhan Mantri. But, as it is said in Persian – ‘Hunuz Dehli Door Ast.’ Delhi is still quite far ! For his ardent supporters he is already sitting in PM chair even if it is a reverie, a jump too quick, a cocktail too heady ! Here is a man who was only a few years ago, in terrible danger of being convicted for one of the most gruesome state-sponsored genocides in the history of independent India. True, he was never caught, but many of his ministers and close aides have been. Vanajra’s and Babu Bajrangi’s confessions on record must have been more than enough proof to convict a lesser politician. Lalu is made to reach his destination. Wait and watch how the wheels of justice would move slowly but surely in Gujarat. Thank God, they have already inched some distance.

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