Pooja Bedi is at it again! This time its a cat fight between TV serial writer and producer Meenakshi Sagar and her daughter Aaliya Furniturewalla. Check out Pooja Bedi’s history of cat fights. Also, her views on various celebs and controversy.

Pooja Bedi who was banned from attending Bigg Boss 5 finale is in news yet again. This time not for criticizing the Bigg Boss host Salman Khan, but for filing a complain against Ramanand Sagar‘s grand daughter Meenakshi Sagar under POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offence) Act and sections of IT Act. In addition, criminal intimidation and defamation, against Meenakshi for her intended act to insult the modesty of a woman, under relevant sections of Indian Penal Code.

pooja bedi aaliya Pooja Bedi Sharpens Her Claws ... Yet Again!


The Reason?

Well, both their kids, Pooja’s daughter Aaliya and Meenakshi’s daughter Saakshi had a brawl in a pub where Saakshi was accompanied by her mother.

Later, the brawl continued as the Moms started clashing in front of cops.

I have lodged an FIR against Meenakshi Sagar and her daughter Sakshi for harassing, intimidating, threatening, abusing and speaking derogatorily about my daughter Aalia, me, my late mother (Protima Bedi), my ex-husband (Farhan Ebrahim Furniturewala) on SMS, recorded telephonic conversations and across social media, which is a criminal offence,” Pooja told IANS.

meenakshi Pooja Bedi Sharpens Her Claws ... Yet Again!

Meenakshi Sagar

Meenakshi too has filed a complaint against Ms. Bedi.

While Meenakshi is news, Pooja has a history of catfights and public spats, so much that whining has become synonymous to Ms. Bedi. The lady has opinion for almost everything and not a week passes when she is not in news for all the wrong reasons.

Last month, she was seen appreciating Kim Kardashian, a renowned socialite of the West. She was seen discussing “Nudity and Morality” with her daughter Aaliya and also citing her mother’s shocking example on nudity. Here it is

No wonder Pooja Bedi is a Sex Symbol of the 90s who became the face of Kamasutra condom along with super model Marc Robinson when the brand was launched in 1991 by Gautam Singhania, the Managing Director and Chairman of Raymonds.

Good or bad, Pooja Bedi has a record of Commenting on almost anybody and everybody. Here are some of her comments on other celebs:

On Deepika Padukone Cleavage Controversy

In an article in The Times of India, Bedi argued that when no one takes offence when camera takes photos of Shah Rukh Khan or Hrithik Roshan’s six-pack abs, why should it be different for women. “When you are a public figure and you go out to a press event, you are bound to be dissected from your chipped nail polish to your repeated shoes. If admiring and focussing on a woman’s assets is a crime, all item numbers should be banned. How fair is it to say, I will dress to tantalise publicly, but you have to look the other way? In your homes, you dress keeping in mind the reactions you will receive from your family, in-laws, husband and neighbours,” she said. 

pooja bedi Pooja Bedi Sharpens Her Claws ... Yet Again!

Bedi further said that being a celebrity one has to face the cameras, but it’s really silly for them to say “why did you notice and focus on what I flaunted?” “We react to situations from our point of view. Of course, to us, our point of view is absolutely valid and correct; else we wouldn’t be so vehement about it. Everything in life is about perspective, and while you are governed by yours, you must keep an open mind about the flipside of the coin,” she added. (Source)

On Mahek Chahel

Earlier in 2011, when she was evicted from the Big Boss house she called Mahek Chahel a Vulture. She quoted, “Mahek Chahel is non-stop negative energy! The vulture who hungers and hankers for fights constantly! thrives on it for sympathy!

pooja bedi bigg boss Pooja Bedi Sharpens Her Claws ... Yet Again!


On Sunny Leone

However, she had  become a huge fan of  Sunny Leone, then popularly addressed as Canadian porn star. She addressed her as sweetest of  all citing “She is sweet, bubbly and very polite. Her career should never be considered as an option to judge people and if she is doing great in the house, people will definitely vote for her.”

sunny leone bigg boss pooja bedi Pooja Bedi Sharpens Her Claws ... Yet Again!

Farah Ali Khan however bashed Pooja Bedi on Twitter By Tweeting  the following:

‘I believe Juhi won BB5 as I didn’t watch. Guess tht validates d show is nt rigged. A Big Shut up 2 ppl accusng @BeingSalmanKhan of favoritism.’

She added: ‘Personally would have loved @mahekchahal or @sidster to have won. Most Happy Akashdeep lost. Yay yay yay. Ha ha.

310575 juhi parmar sunny leone and pooja bedi at samairra birthday par Pooja Bedi Sharpens Her Claws ... Yet Again!

I know I’m being mean. Nothing against Juhi, just couldn’t imagine how she culd support a loser like Akash. My personal opinion only & nothing will change tht haha.

Guess to create drama u need a villain & Sky played his part 2 perfection. Well done Akash. If u were seeking attention,u definitely got it. (Source

On Salman Khan

Pooja Bedi said thatBigg Boss is all scripted, and Salman Khan is controlling it to protect Mahek Chahal, who according to her was his favorite contestant. She even called Salman Khan a two-faced liar and was even seen fighting with her Twitter followers who would negatively comment about Sky (Akashdeep Sehgal).

pooja bedi akashdeep sehgal Pooja Bedi Sharpens Her Claws ... Yet Again!

Further she said that Salman had turned violent over Sidharth’s fight with Mahek, which was not aired on TV.

Pooja Bedi’s comments agitated thousands of Salman Khan fans on internet, and comments against her floated all over the social network.

Salman Khan, who is known for his big heart tweeted, “Don’t stress abt it, known pooja since 20yrs, she is sweet , let it go. Its all good.” (sic) (Source)

On Kabir Bedi, her Father

Pooja admitted that all was not well between her and her father Kabir Bedi who was staying at her mother’s flat with his partner Parveen Dusanj. She had tweeted then, “Yes. Kabir Bedi and I are going through a family crisis. What’s absurd are articles through ‘friends’ giving the wrong picture.“(sic)

pooja bedi kabir bedi Pooja Bedi Sharpens Her Claws ... Yet Again!

She further said, “There are numerous elements that latch on to the Bedis, looking for media attention and publicity, even sympathy. I’d rather ignore them,”

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