The elimination round of Khatron Ke Khiladi season 5 is out. Pooja Gaur gets evicted

The first elimination of Khatron Ke Khiladi 5 is done and the very first contestant to move out from the desi Fear Factor is the desi kudi Pooja Gaur. Pooja who performed really well in the inaugral episode fell prey of being the best out of the rest. Daya selected her to go first for the elimination round only because he thought she is strong. However, the lady not only disappointed him, herself but all the audiences who wanted her to do well.

Underwater act is a phobia of Gauhar Khan whereas the animals inside the water frightened Mughda Ghodse, still the two model performed well by removing 3 and 2 crocs respectively out of the water successfully. Pooja however did not even give it a try as far as I could see. She could have done better too but just because she thought she was the first contestant she could not manage the show well.

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Going by her facial expressions and her wordings, to a certain extent, I thought there was also over confidence involved in Pooja’s performance. She thought she could out perform Rochelle, Gauhar and Mughda easily. Rochelle for apparent reason was everybody’s favorite when Rohit asked who will be out. But, this thinking of others made Rochelle strong enough to perform the act. Especially Ranvir’s voice who said she cannot perform it. While, Daya’s faith in Pooja made her weak and over-confident.

Debina as usual performed the task well by removing 3 crocs. The girl could have managed the cat fish as well but I think since she already knew she is safe she did not want to take the extra unnecessary effort even though her husband Gurmeet wanted her to finish the act by getting that cat-fish. Mugdha Ghodse, I think would have been eliminated but she got the advantage of going last and she stopped the moment she knew she is in safe zone. Aha, call it Mughda’s good luck and Pooja’s bad luck but the result is straight and Pooja Gaur is now out of the show.

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Not everytime the person who goes first in the act can perform well as the second person has the advantage to learn from the experience and mistakes of the first person until of course it is Gurmeet or Salman. Going by Salman’s and Gurmeet’s act every time, it seems that the person can outperform for the very first time as well, all he/she needs is will power, confidence and a do or die spirit.

Going by the two-week acts, I think the two best performers have been Gurmeet and Salman as they have performed every act allotted to them efficiently and in great style. While Daya, Geeta, Debina, Ranvir, Kaushal, Rajniesh are the one’s who have performed 1 good and 1 bad act.

The remaining – Niketan, Mughda, Gauhar and Rochelle are till now the poor performers who yet have not done any act that could make them stand out of the rest in this season of Fear Factor 5. Perhaps they could do better in the coming episodes but the stars of the show till yet definitely is Gurmeet and Salman. In girls, it is obviously Debina who has a confidence to do almost anything. Maybe the husband-wife jodi has the moral support of having their better half by their side unlike the others except Kaushal and Gauhar. But still, no one can deny the fact the couple does have a potential to be the season 5 finalist. You never know if the two stand against each other in the last act of the Fear Factor season 5.

After 4 episodes, 2 weeks, and Pooja Gaur’s elimination, there now remains 12 contestant to compete the remaining episodes. Let’s wait and watch who will be the next. Watch out this space for more gossip from the sets of Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 5

By: Deepti Verma

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