Would India ever bid farewell to poverty? Dis-balance in wealth possession in the urban India was and is still an alarming lookout for our country.

The dictum, “Work is worship” is still indicating of more tough grind in order to stay in the competitive market and its glaring example is the Chinese products. We are working long hours for livelihood but our earnings aren’t compatible enough. Perhaps we are only reaching to a satisfactory level in terms of dedication towards the work. It is also clear from the labourers working in the farming fields. A worker earns more than the labourer working in an un-organised sector. The street vendors are facing enough obstacles and difficulties in earning sufficient amounts of money, but despite this factuality, their strong determination does not dissipate. Two individuals engaging in same kind of vocations are compelled to curse their destiny for money because they fail to earn enough.

Cities of the Poor A view on Poverty in Urban India Poverty Amidst Dazzling Urban Life Is A Sheer Disgrace

One cobbler earns a sum of two hundred rupees daily while a worker engaged in servicing job wanders desperately for earning a few bucks. Both spend similar hours in their bid to earn but they remain uncertain of their income. Both are experts in their respective vocations. It could be their poverty-stricken life’s thorny test. The man engaged in servicing the coolers peddles his bicycle in lanes and by-lanes. Queer indeed is his grueling devotion towards the work but it deoes not bring him sufficient income. Both are struggling for the survival but cursing their fate equally for pangs of adversity.

Laden with the cooler grass heaps and the lighter mesh sheets on his bicycle, the lanky serviceman was frantically raising voice “Cooler Ghaas Lagwa Lo” holding cycle’s handle along the roadside. His tired look showed his distress immeasurably. Shabbily-clothed skinny man was not in a right condition to even paddle his old cycle. He was slowly moving ahead with heavy heart. Though his rusted cycle wheels were in constant motion on the bumpy narrow road, his concern for securing at least one customer remained still a distant daze. He was feeling like rejected, dejected and frustrated human being amidst the fast moving uncaring people.

On the road, the materialistic life was evidently clear with movement of carefree people but his mind was not devoid of anxiety. However, this unfortunate, unlucky and underprivileged individual was still optimistic of his meagre earnings. Looking at his poor condition, one gentleman approached him taking pity upon him. Clad in the Kurta-pyjama, that well-mannered individual along with his little son asked him of the technique which he used to apply in refurbishment of the light yellowish orderly trimmed grass into the cooler’s enmeshed three panels. “It was a simpler, easier task. One learns the tactics through practice. There is nothing deftness in it” said the wearied man.

poverty Poverty Amidst Dazzling Urban Life Is A Sheer Disgrace

Agreeing with his plain response, the gentle father thought of his neighbour who was busy in renovating the cooler. Afterwards he proceeded to ask him, if you have earned any money since morning. “No, nothing, not even a single penny”, replied the wearied man. Further, he questioned, have you not eaten anything. Maintaining the balance of his cycle, he answered: how can I in dearth of money? Such a pitiable condition of the poor man compelled the sensitive person to offer a few ten-rupee coins to him so that he could savour a little. Taking the amounts he readily drew near a roadside kiosk and eventually got rid of his strong hunger.

In a recent report it has been reported that a cobbler was served with a legal notice for depositing a huge sum of Rs ten lakh in his Jan Dhan accounts. While, the cobbler got embarrassed with the income tax department notice. He failed to grasp how he had amassed ginormous amount in his name. According to the reports, the Junagarh cobbler was confounded to receive a notice from the IT department. His Jan Dhan account was credited with ten lakh rupees and this deposit was made during the demonetisation period. Although he had denied making any such transaction, yet one-dimensional fact of income tax notice ought to have brought him higher to his basic profession. It really distressed him so much that he felt like committing suicide. How could he deposit large amounts if his daily income comes to meagre two hundred rupees? For him, it is more than an abstract assertion. As a matter of fact, it appeared to be a technical error for so many people but it would have been an equally disgraceful truth. For the fact is that the sheer size of his line of work is not of a kind that could have endured the whip of the tax department, as he claimed.

16006287 304 Poverty Amidst Dazzling Urban Life Is A Sheer Disgrace

The moot question is if the government schemes for the poor people are in abundance they should get the benefit for earning the livelihood. Why they are not provided with suitable assistance to survive on their own? Are they not aware of the welfare schemes?  Is there no responsibility of the administrative machinery to extend all possible helps to such workers? That sympathetic person was pondering over the plight of semi-skilled workers. How are they failing to make money for daily expenses? The day was to end as every feature of the sunset was approving it. The darkness was by and by, enveloping the surroundings, while the poor person was cursing his fate for no income despite his endeavours.

Just as the daylight was diminishing so were his expectations dwindling with approaching darkness. He certainly entered into city areas with intention of making a little more money but it seemed he returned empty handed. Notwithstanding, these people are accustomed to this kind of life as they start every fresh day with new hope, new expectation and new chance. One was perturbed owing to shortage of money and another was disturbed because of excess of money.

By Shakeel Ahmad

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