Kumkum Bhagya is high on TRPs and now just to keep the serial popular & most watched, Balaji Telefilms is all set to introduce rape plot in the serial

How much ever we hate the word ‘rape’ it flashes in front of us time and again. Well, initially, it was limited only to news channels and newspapers and now in the wake of sensationalism and ‘TRPs’ even the TV serials want to make use of ‘it’ for serial’s popularity and high rating points.

rape Pragya to Get Kidnapped and Raped in Kumkum Bhagya? Balaji, Stop It Please!

We do understand films based on rape victims and serials whose main agenda is to inspire and motivate rape victims. However, adding a ‘rape’ plot just because the serial is doing good and the CVs need to keep the audience hook is not only in ‘bad taste’ but also absurd.

Yes, going by the latest scoop, it seems that Balaji Telefilms will bring a spine chilling twist in Kumkum Bhagya. And to our surprise, they have ensured that the protagonist of the show not just gets kidnapped but also raped.

pragya kidnapped kumkum bhagya Pragya to Get Kidnapped and Raped in Kumkum Bhagya? Balaji, Stop It Please!


Looks like, they have gone overboard with the high TRPs of the serial. Poor folks don’t realize that the TRPs went high only because the fans got to see a strong, determined and tough Pragya. She was no more an abla naari who could be easily manipulated by the so called vamps in the show – Tanu and Alia.

The Kidnapping and Rape Will Happen During Ganeshostav in Kumkum Bhagya

Alia, Tanu and Raj are fed up of Pragya who is making their lives hell. They are trying their best to keep her away, however, the trio is not able to outsmart her. Little do they know that the mastermind of everything is their own ‘daadi’ who is making sure that Pragya gives them a tough time and expose them royally before they try to ruin Abhi and his career.

Pragya rape kidnap Pragya to Get Kidnapped and Raped in Kumkum Bhagya? Balaji, Stop It Please!

So, they finally plan to kidnap Pragya their sole enemy in order to get rid of her completely. They will not kidnap her themselves but hire goons. As per the spoilers, Abhi will go behind the kidnappers but will not be able to rescue Pragya. On the other hand, these goons will not just kidnap her but also rape her. Whether they rape her on their own or whether they have been instructed to do so is still unknown. You never know to which level the script writers can low Alia and Tanu. Last time I remember the duo planned an acid attack on Bulbul.

Pragya Will Be Shattered and again Transform into Abla Naari

We were happy with Pragya’s transformation. However, her life will take a tragic turn and she’ll be shattered back to her original form. In fact, worse than that. It would be rather painful to watch the entire rape plot. Hope it would be just a prank as it will be really difficult to see the drama even if it is just a fictional story.

abhi pragya kumkum bhagya Pragya to Get Kidnapped and Raped in Kumkum Bhagya? Balaji, Stop It Please!

Abhi will obviously lose his senses to see his love being devastated. Why o Why Balaji Telefilms’ so want to be so cruel to Pragya – Abhi and also the fans? We just hope this is just a rumour in Kumkum Bhagya spread by Tanu and Aaliya to defame Pragya in their own style.

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