A take on Pre – Marital Rape – What about a girl who is not married and is taken in by her so-called fiancée’s promise of marriage?

Till a week ago I never thought this would become such a mind boggling issue to be debated in public.

Mythria Gowda, the Kannada actress who accused Karthik Gowda the son of present Railway Minister Sadanad Gowda is not the first woman who has leveled charges of cheating and rape under the pretext of a promised marriage (she claims the marriage had already been solemnized but that is to be investigated).

Why is the media, including some so- called avowed and proud feminist TV anchors blaming the woman in this case even before the case has been investigated? If she is desperate and crying before TV cameras protesting against Karthik’s engagement to another girl after promising her marriage what else did these supporters of Karthik expect her to do?

rape victim Is Pre   Marital Rape Less Abhorrent than Post marital Rape?

As said earlier, this is not the first case of its kind in the country. It has come to lime-light precisely because the girl in question has taken the issue to the national media. It has also been suggested that there could be political conspiracy in this because she is a member of the Congress Party. Are Congress members aliens from a different world for whom the laws are different than those that apply to the ruling party which has come to power for the first time three months ago?

But what surprises me most is the moral stand taken by women in this issue which defies all logic and common sense. When Justice J S Verma Committee set up after the gang- rape and brutalisation of a 23-year- old in December 2010 suggested making marital rape an offence it was turned down by parliamentarians.

At that time women activists had made such a huge hue and cry about dropping the suggestion alleging that most politicians were afraid of implementing this because they had more than one wife in the closet and this would open the Pandora ’s Box.

But what about a girl who is not married and is taken in by her so-called fiancée’s promise of marriage? Her predicament is worse. Once the issue goes public she will never be able to find a suitable match, at least in India.

Secondly, the medical examination in such cases would not be able to establish a case of rape and the accused boy would escape punishment because their physical relationship would be termed as consensual sex unless the girl is a minor.

And after going through this mental and physical trauma she would also carry the stigma of trying to blackmail a man into marriage, as is being made out in the present case.

Have the feminists and law makers given a thought to this aspect in their shrill debates over news channels and newspapers?

By: Amitabh Srivastava

Image Source: Rape Victim,

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