After Radhika Apte, it is theatre actor & Sakshi Tanwar’s reel daughter Preeti Gupta whose nude pics have gone viral. Know about the actor, the controversy & her view

Recently, Radhika Apte of Badlapur fame made headlines when her nude pictures from Anurag Kashyap’s Hollywood short film leaked online. Now, another TV and theatre actress Preeti Gupta has fallen victim to something very similar.

preeti gupta leaked nude pictures unfreedom Know Preeti Gupta and the Controversy around Her Leaked Nude Pictures

Who is Preeti Gupta?

Preeti Gupta if you remember was seen in Ekta Kapoor’s serial Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki where she essayed the role of Sakshi Tanwar aka Parvati’s daughter. She then went to the US to study acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York. Once she completed her studies and returned to India, she did Arthur Miller’s play, The Price and even acted in the play “Mere Haule Dost.”

preeti gupta thaetre actor Know Preeti Gupta and the Controversy around Her Leaked Nude Pictures

She is a known theatre actor and has done several plays including Romeo and Juliet (directed by Ted Zurkowski), and Kids Strike (directed by Francesco Campari). What’s more, Preeti is the same actor who also portrayed the role of Labanya in Rabindra Nath Tagore’s The Last Farewell under the direction of Shubrajyoti Barat.

How did Her Nude Pictures Go Viral

Preeti has been doing several plays and short films ever since she came back to India. Recently, the actor did a film ‘Unfreedom’ directed by Raj Amit Kumar. Now since the film deals with sexuality and focuses on LGBT identities, Preeti plays a homosexual girl Leela Singh who loves a bisexual girl. There were various nude and intimate scenes in the film which Preeti had done without using body double and this is the reason why the film Unfreedom was banned in India because of its bold content.

preeti gupta unfreedom Know Preeti Gupta and the Controversy around Her Leaked Nude Pictures

Although the film was banned in India, just like Radhika Apte, Preeti Gupta’s nude photos leaked online and within few hours went viral, so much that it set the social media ablaze. The pictures that have leaked are mostly screenshots of her lesbian kissing scenes, and her nude scenes in the film. What is shocking is the fact that, the videos and screenshots have also been used by some adult websites.

What is the Theme of the Film Unfreedom?

Raj Amit Kumar’s Unfreedom is a lesbian love story based on Faiz Ahmad Faiz‘s poem, Ye Dagh Dagh Ujala. A contemporary thriller, the short film talks about two short stories based in two cities – New York and New Delhi that compares and talks about intolerance. While, one focuses on a young Leela Singh who escapes an arranged marriage because she is in a lesbian romance, the other emphases on a terrorist trying to hush a liberal Muslim scholar. Although the film was banned in India, it was released in New York.

The Censor Board objected the release of the film on the grounds that the theme will ignite “unnatural passions”. In addition, they also had issues with the film since it showed a liberal Muslim girl being kidnapped by terrorists. 

While, the actor had expected a controversy, she had no clue that her nude pictures will be used by Adult Websites

In a telephonic interview with the Hindu, Preeti Gupta had mentioned that she had expected some controversy around the film due to its subject, given the conservative take on homosexuality in India. However, the actress had not expected a ban on it.

unfreedom lesbian scene Know Preeti Gupta and the Controversy around Her Leaked Nude Pictures

Now, imagine the plight of the actress who did not expect a ban on the film, to be buzzed with a scoop that her nude pictures are available on the adult websites…

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