The progressing baby bump in corporate life becomes a bumper to a woman’s career drive. This ad leaves a poignant message for every woman.

To be a mother, they say, is a heavenly experience but the reality is in stark contrast to that what said, for, such experiences confer one with despicable freebies too. The deformed body with a baby bump actually serves a bumper to the road of your career, where your progressing self-esteem does zilch but surrender to this baby-bump, nay, a career-breaker.

The ad below casts protagonist Radhika Apte and is a sharp stinging reality  about a pregnant woman whose baby bump doesn’t stand as a stumbling block to the road she has been wading successfully through, but motivates her to pave her own path, where her bump would accompany her, offering no resistance to her ambitions and toil. Her round-the-clock exertion for the prosperity of her company was paid no heed. Why? Because she is on the horizon to deliver a baby, a baby who actually would grow up and be a reason for the growth of any whosesoover company, but still becomes a blockage to his mom’s growth.  What an irony!


This ad is beautifully ugly and uglily beautiful to have sketched a scenario pregnant women are entangled into and how valiantly they can mark themselves out by their non-surrender attitude.

A pregnant woman is not handicapped.

A pregnant woman is not miserable.

A pregnant woman is no less than a regular woman.

A pregnant woman is in fact stronger than any ordinary woman. Isn’t it really? To let a life breathe under your breaths for nine long months is definitely not an identity of a weak. 

By Prerna Daga

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