“Half the people here have been trained by the RSS and are capable of breaking necks with our bare hands,” said Dilip Ghosh Ghosh

I was born in a Muslim family and that is my identity. I’m not a scholar of contemporary religions and it would be unwise of me to speak about the tenets of any religion. However, I know that Hindus are the most kind human beings, the salt of earth and the fine races. A real Hindu would never be unkind to his fellow human being. My father had taught me that the best and obedient son ever born upon earth was Sri Ram. He was my ideal of childhood.

And the historical setbacks of Gujarat programs, Babri Masjid and Muzaffar Nagar had failed to shake my trust, my faith in the sincerity of a real Hindu. It is still intact rather sacrosanct and I’m sure we are going to live together in the beautiful land of Hindustan with love and mutual respect till the deluge. Our coming generations would forgive and forget the temporary aberrations that occurred in these few decades of our insanity.

Babri Masjid The President Of West Bengal BJP Flaunts The Prowess Of RSS

Having said that, I wonder why some people who represent the basic idea of religion often behave in a manner that put to shame a Hindustani like this scribe who feels proud to call myself a Hindustani or a Hindu. On my own I’ve never had a problem if I call on my own volition – Madar-e-Watan tujhe salam. Glory be to you my Mother India. But make no mistake – India belongs to me as much as it belongs to any other Indian. Nobody could force me say that I don’t want to say. So when Baba Ramdev has added controversy referring to Asaduddin Owasi’s remark on the Bharat Mata slogan, I felt he had done the greatest disservice to the Hindu religion. The yoga guru said, “If somebody says that ‘even if you cut off my head, I won’t say Bharat Mata Ki Jai’.. .I want to say there is a rule of law and we respect constitution otherwise we can cut off hundreds and thousands of heads.”

asadudin owaisi The President Of West Bengal BJP Flaunts The Prowess Of RSS

To add insult to injury, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis echoed the Baba’s view said “those unwilling to say ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ have no right to stay in the country”. He later clarified his remark and said that the media put out only a section of his speech with the intention of “creating a controversy.”

All that talk of cutting off hundreds and thousands of heads or throwing someone out of the country reflects the abhorrent violent mind-set that is not a spontaneous outburst. It is an output of years of hate that is fermenting there at sub-conscious low simmer. First, it is the outlook and values imparted by family, then education and society. The sphere society and upbringing encompasses the Madarsa, Shakha or Training Camps or Ijtamas (gathering). A man is known by the society he keeps. These crazy outbursts are the outcomes of a thought process that is matured after the long churning of parochial currents among the groups who exist on the venom of divisions. Violence is the practical manifestation of what had been pumped in the mind in the past.

And the latest dangerous statement of intolerance and ‘feel-free to speak what you want’ kind of attitude delivered by West Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh. It has stirred yet another controversy by threatening to break necks of TMC supporters with his bare hands. “Half the people here have been trained by the RSS and are capable of breaking necks with our bare hands,” said Ghosh while addressing a public meeting on Friday at the West Midnapore district of West Bengal.

He further added, “We will cut off their electricity connection, water supply and lynch them (TMC) inside their home, we will see what they can do? If we start beating up them, no one will come to their rescue.”

dilip ghosh The President Of West Bengal BJP Flaunts The Prowess Of RSS

To back up the argument I’d been trying to build, I’ll shed some light at the background of this braggart. Dilip Ghosh was born at Kuliana village near Gopiballavpur of West Bengal. He is the second of the four sons of Late Bholanath Ghosh and Puspalata Ghosh. After completing his schooling at the village schools, he moved to Jhargram for higher education.But could not complete his graduation. He wanted to serve the nation in his own way and decided to join the RSS as a Pracharak. Since then, Ghosh has worked in various parts of the country in this capacity.

He was  the in-charge of RSS in Andman and Nicobar Islands. He has also worked as an assistant to former RSS chief KS Sudarshan. He had come to BJP from RSS a year back & was appointed as WB State General Secretary. This is not the first time Ghosh sparked a controversy by his remarks. Earlier, he had termed the female students of Jadavpur University as ‘shameless’. “Jadavpur University girls are shameless. They have filed baseless complaints of molestation. They lean on boys and then complain of molestation. If they are so scared of their self-respect, why do they have to go the university?”

bjp dilip ghosh The President Of West Bengal BJP Flaunts The Prowess Of RSS

It is Chal, Charita and Chehra of a particular ideology and mindset and the frightening aspect of it is these kinds of individuals are getting freedom to turn the society up-side-down. They are affecting the process and governing. The leaders at the top have a tacit understanding with them as no action has ever been taken against them – not even rap at their knuckle. There is too much at stake for India and especially for the real Hindus who are known for knowledge, bravery, wisdom and patience since ages.

By Naim Naqvi

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