Priyanka Chopra’s recently shot cover for Conde Nast Traveler magazine racked up negative opinions on Twitter. The fumes of controversy made her say sorry.

Priyanka Chopra the hot beauty was in the news for the past few weeks after Conde Nast magazine cover photo she was into. She was wearing a t-shirt on which was stated the refugees, instincts and outsiders along with travelers.

choprarefuge Priyanka Chopra And Conde Nast Traveller Says Sorry

The t-shirt had strike marks on other names like Refugees and Immigrants, outsiders and it had no red slash mark on travelers as well. The pic of her attracted a lot of assaults and serious replies. Now, Priyanka came out and explained how this happened.

“I am saying sorry to all those who got hurt by the issue the people of Conde Nast  traveller gave me this kind of tshirt and asked me to wear and I just did. So please consider this as my request and take my apologies ” Priyanka said.

twitter lashes out at chopra Priyanka Chopra And Conde Nast Traveller Says Sorry

Conde Nast traveller is the magazine cover of the girl where in Priyanka Chopra along with the magazine faced lot of heat from the viewers as well. Priyanka Chopra was now looking into some sort of positive things where the travelers are not only the one who travels into a country for sure.

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