Here we tell you why Priyanka Chopra is rocking in her American TV series Quantico!

Finally Priyanka Chopra goes live on American TV as a lead! Surprisingly, not just Indians and Asians, even Americans seem to be appreciating her.

QUANTICO Cast 5 Reasons Why We Love Priyanka Chopra in Quantico!

QUANTICO – Pilot Gallery (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

In India, Quantico premiered on October 3 on Star World and we too loved her as Alex Parrish, the bold and beautiful FBI recruit. Here we share 5 things which we loved the most:

Her Confidence

Initially we were skeptical whether Priyanka could make it because last time she made her singing debut with Pitbull, everybody shammed her royally.  No wonder, it did disappoint the critics. Many of them even called her a wannabe Jennifer Lopez. However, as Alex Parrish she is nobody but herself and we love the amount of confidence she is showing on screen.

quantico teaser 5 Reasons Why We Love Priyanka Chopra in Quantico!

Her Glamorous Looks

From her firangs to the million dollar smile, everything is complimenting Priyanka so well that she can make any guy fall for her. She has looks to kill and clearly emerges as a winner from the rest of the cast. Yes, she looks just so desirable in Quantico beating the likes of the other female actors in the TV series.

priyanka chopra quantico2 5 Reasons Why We Love Priyanka Chopra in Quantico!

Her Stunts

We have seen Piggy Chops in action scenes in Bollywood and so it wasn’t much of a deal to see her as an FBI agent. However, the scenes where she is on the run, is fighting brilliantly and is even comfortable doing so, is surely worth the mention. We have seen only the pilot scenes and first episodes – If this can impress us, just imagine what will happen when we get to witness the full episodes.

priyanka chopra quantico se2 5 Reasons Why We Love Priyanka Chopra in Quantico!

Her Accent

Priyanka was having trouble while shooting because of her accent. No wonder, the actress had to continuously learn the proper accent. However, to our surprise she has done a fine job. In fact, she appears like an American with Indian roots, and her accent is not a distraction at all. This was one of the most difficult aspects of the show, but looks like she has passed it with flying color in it.

priyanka chopra quantico poster america 5 Reasons Why We Love Priyanka Chopra in Quantico!

Her Carefree Attitude

Relaxed and untroubled, Alex Parrish doesn’t give a damn to anybody. She meets a guy in an airplane, has sex with him in the car and is totally open about it. Interestingly, when the same guy meets her in the FBI premises and acts like meeting ‘her’ for the first time, she quickly snaps back at him in front of everybody by saying we had ‘sex’ in your car merely 6 hours ago. The scene not just depicts her acting skills but also her confidence as an actor.

quantico pc 5 Reasons Why We Love Priyanka Chopra in Quantico!

Not even once Priyanka Chopra appears as an outsider in this American TV series Quantico. She indeed appears as the hero of the series and impresses us to the core. Though we were disappointed with her song ‘Exotic’ with Pitbull we are more than happy to see her as Alex Parrish in Quantico. Interestingly, not just Indian Media even the American Media is praising her for her performance.

Good Luck Piggy Chops, you have made us proud!

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